The Snapshot #7: How A Gorgeous Website Can Build Business

The Snapshot #7: How A Gorgeous Website Can Build Business

We talk to Judy Weiniger of Weiniger Group in New Jersey about her beautiful, content-rich website and how it has helped her build her business. She shares how to create valuable content about a local market so that people will want to return to your site, and how to track those visitors and turn them into clients.

You’ll learn:

1. Why you should emphasize personal and local content over listings on your site

2. How to integrate dynamic, eye-catching video in your site

3. How to make clients want to work with you before they’ve even met you

4. How content publishing actually leads to concrete leads

5. How to repurpose evergreen content across social media platforms

6. How to use Facebook Ads to promote your content

7. Why you should promote local businesses in addition to your own

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