The Snapshot #67: Again, Social Media Is A Long Game!

The Snapshot #67: Again, Social Media Is A Long Game!

We talk to Kris Lindahl of The Lindahl Team in Minneapolis about incorporating technology into his brokerage to serve clients and attract new buyers or sellers.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why you need to be present on many different platforms to reach different demographics.
  2. Why you need to communicate the way your client communicates, not the way you want to communicate.
  3. Which platforms outside of Facebook are worth investing in.
  4. The right content mix to encourage engagement and also promote your business.
  5. Why you should let your brand values and personality guide your content.
  6. Digital marketing is a long game.
  7. What to think about if you want to form a team.
  8. Why Kris invests in his agents’ development.

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