The Snapshot #59: How To Do Hyperlocal Marketing

The Snapshot #59: How To Do Hyperlocal Marketing

We talk to Kymber Lovett-Menkiti, president of sales at the Menkiti Group in Washington DC, about hyperlocal marketing and why it has worked for her. She shares how to define your market, how to focus your marketing efforts, and which tactics work best for a narrow market.

You’ll learn:

  1. What hyperlocal marketing is and why it might make sense for you.
  2. Which market (geographic, demographic) you should focus on.
  3. Why you should “go deep, not wide”.
  4. How to become the subject matter expert in your area.
  5. How to determine ROI for hyperlocal marketing efforts, like events.
  6. How to use digital marketing for hyperlocal marketing.
  7. Where to target your marketing when you want to capture people outside your geographic segment.
  8. Why you need a 12-month plan.
  9. Why hyperlocal marketing takes longer.

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