The Snapshot #50: Making Order From Chaos Using CRM

The Snapshot #50: Making Order From Chaos Using CRM

We talk to Zvi Band, Co-Founder and CEO of Contactually, about how CRM platforms like Contactually can help agents mine their existing relationships, messy and disparate as they may be, through technology.

You’ll learn:

  1. Why we’re in the “post-acceptance, pre-disruption” phase of technology and real estate.
  2. How Contactually addresses the messiness in our lives, in terms of our overlapping spheres of influence, both virtual and “real”.
  3. How Contactually incorporates new social platforms into its CRM.
  4. Handwritten cards are making a comeback!
  5. That word of mouth and providing a great product are Contactually’s main marketing tactics.
  6. The best way for agents to generate leads: building and maintaining authentic relationships.

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