The Snapshot #43: Social Media Year In Review

The Snapshot #43: Social Media Year In Review

We do a year-end social media roundup with Katie Lance of Katie Lance Consulting – what’s hot right now, what’s coming up, and how to be smart about your social media efforts. Be sure to check out Katie’s social media resources and her online course/community, Get Social Smart Academy.

You’ll learn:

1. Why social media is such a natural fit for agents.

2. The hottest social media platforms for agents right now. (Think video.)

3. Why consistency is the key to success on social media.

4. How to reach different audiences by repurposing content.

5. Content ideas for different platforms.

6. The question Katie gets asked most often: how to get started with social media.

7. What you should outsource… and what you shouldn’t.

8. How to make social media pleasurable.

9. How to schedule content successfully.

10. How much – and where – to spend on paid social marketing.

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