The Snapshot #23: Networking Like A Pro

The Snapshot #23: Networking Like A Pro

In this episode, we talk to NAR Director of Communications Networks Rob Reuter about how to network effectively, which involves much more than just being outgoing and meeting people. Learn about his strategy for getting the most out of networking events and developing business through your contacts.

You’ll learn:

1. Why networking is so important for real estate agents.

2. How networking improves the real estate transaction experience.

3. About the “Realtor Reputation” premium.

4. Which platforms are best for building a network.

5. The three components of active networking: live events, real estate database (CRM) and social networks.

6. Why you should use Facebook’s birthday feature.

7. How to prepare for a real estate conference.

8. How to develop a system to keep track of the people you meet.

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