The Snapshot #18: Developing a Multi-Platform Digital Strategy

The Snapshot #18: Developing a Multi-Platform Digital Strategy

In this episode, we talk to Jason Cassity of City Consulting Group in San Diego, who is killing it across many platforms: LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, local TV and long-form content for Inman and his company’s blog. Learn about how he integrates all of these platforms into a unified digital strategy.

You’ll learn:

1. The evolving goals of Jason’s social media efforts.

2. What a “real estate debate show” is.

3. How long form writing helps build Jason’s brand.

4. How to make Twitter work for you as a real estate agent.

5. The benefits of posting natively.

6. How to decide which platforms are right for you.

7. When to cut your losses on platforms that aren’t working.

8. Creative uses for Snapchat filters.

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