The Snapshot #17: A Primer For Using Snapchat

The Snapshot #17: A Primer For Using Snapchat

In this episode of The Snapshot, we talk to Alex Wang of Sereno Group in Palo Alto, CA. We revisit the topic of Snapchat, because there is still so much to talk about!

You’ll learn:

1. What type of content Alex is posting on Snapchat.

2. Why Alex combines personal and professional content on Snapchat.

3. Who is using Snapchat.

4. How content unrelated to real estate is helping Alex’s real estate business and the profession in general.

5. How Snapchat can lead to referral business.

6. How to use Snapchat for internal communications within an office.

7. Why Sereno Group loves Homesnap Pro!

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Start Snapchat Video Guide

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