The Snapshot #16: Using Drones To Film Your Listings

The Snapshot #16: Using Drones To Film Your Listings

We talk to Doug Trudeau of Tierra Antigua Realty in Tuscon, AZ, the first realtor in the country to use drones for real estate, about using video and drones to tell the story of a home.

You’ll learn:

1. Which basic cinematography techniques to use when creating a listing video and how to make it look professional.

2. How to make a video match the personality of a home.

3. How to use a drone to film a listing: which techniques to use and what to shoot.

4. The hoops you have to jump through to fly a drone.

5. How to be safe and respect privacy when using a drone.

6. How much it costs to operate a drone.

7. How Doug’s use of drones has proven to be a competitive advantage.

8. How Doug uses virtual tours, video and professional photos to impress potential buyers.

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