Snapshot #116: Getting the Most Out of Video

Snapshot #116: Getting the Most Out of Video

We talk to social media expert and educator Marki Lemons-Ryhal about how to create effective video content to build brands and reach clients.

We discuss:

1. Why agents should create one minute of video content a day.
2. The advantage of vertical video content.
3. When to replace your phone.
4. How to hold your phone when you’re taking a selfie or a photo of someone else.
5. The benefits of live video, including engaging audiences and no editing.
6. Why audio is more important than video.
7. How to develop a business plan for your social media strategy.
8. Instagram hashtags: use more for the feed, fewer for stories and IGTV.
9. Snapchat – yes or no?
10. How to maximize the value of your content.

Links mentioned:

Prompter app

InShot app


Quik app 

Headliner app

Marki’s podcast: Social Selling Made Simple   

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