Snapshot #113: Developing A Real Estate Niche

Snapshot #113: Developing A Real Estate Niche

We talk to Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr of BrandFace, LLC about why it’s important for agents to identify and develop a niche to reach the right clients.

We discuss:

1. The different types of niches.
2. BrandFace’s STAIR method for helping new agents identify their niche.
3. The difference between a niche and a brand identifier.
4. How to tell if you and a client-type are a bad fit.
5. Some success stories from BrandFace clients.
6. How niches lead to content and social media marketing.
7. How to find commonality with potential clients.

Links mentioned:

Tonya and Michael’s article about defining a niche in Realtor Magazine



BrandFace Score

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