The Snapshot #11: How To Use Video To Land Clients

The Snapshot #11: How To Use Video To Land Clients

We talk to Karlton Utter, Senior Director of Learning for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, who shares creative ideas for how real estate agents can use video to develop clients.

You’ll learn:

1. How to use video in your communication every day to build and enhance client relationships and get listings.

2. Some really cool ideas for simple ways to incorporate video into your regular communications.

3. How to replace key emails with video messages.

4. How to create short videos that keep clients’ attention and differentiate you.

5. How to go beyond the typical slideshow in your videos.

6. What you need to do – and have – to get started with video.

7. The best ways to share your video content.

8. Agent success stories with video.

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