The Snapshot #10: Agent Cause Marketing Via New Story

The Snapshot #10: Agent Cause Marketing Via New Story

We talk to Brett Hagler, the CEO and co-founder of New Story, which crowdfunds homes in the developing world. What does this have to do with agent marketing? Sponsoring a New Story home provides a relevant, aligned story for agents and brokers to tell in order to build an emotional connection with their clients.

You’ll learn:

1. What New Story does

2. Why agents and brokers should consider supporting causes like New Story and incorporating that sponsorship into their marketing

3. About the content New Story provides to agents and brokers to make marketing their sponsorship simple and powerful

4. Why this type of marketing is particularly appealing to millennials

5. How social good investment can lead to clients

6. How New Story has achieved total transparency in its operations

Learn more about this fascinating nonprofit in Episode 10 of the Snapshot.

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