How Are Sellers Choosing an Agent in a Hot Market?

How Are Sellers Choosing an Agent in a Hot Market?

As you’ve heard time and again, home listings are at a record low. For agents, low housing inventory means that every lead is at a premium. For sellers, a limited supply of homes makes it easier to be picky when choosing an agent.

But how might sellers go about choosing an agent in this ultra-competitive real estate market?

We considered what a standard seller’s journey to choose an agent looks like in 2022. We were pleased – but not surprised – to note that at each step, agents with a Homesnap Pro+ membership are more likely to be identified as a trusted, verified, local real estate expert.

1. Searching on Google

When home sellers are first looking for an agent, they exist in the “research” stage. Research indicates exactly what you think – these prospects are gathering information about the market, local agents, and real estate services in general.

Since 90% of real estate searches start online, and because Google is far and away the world’s most popular search engine, a seller’s research stage probably starts with Google searches.

When sellers search on Google for terms such as “real estate agents near me,” they’re served results that consist of agents with verified Google business profiles.

Real Estate Agents Near Me search

As you can see, the listed agents have comprehensive business information on their profile, including their website, address, phone number, and hours of operation. To Google, this information is an indication that the agent is a legitimate real estate professional who is deserving of sellers’ consideration.

Your goal, then, should be to appear high on these Google results. Fortunately, a Pro+ membership makes that achievable, even in competitive markets. Pro+ helps you verify your Google business profile, and provides you reporting regarding your Google search rankings. Your listings, photos, and general business information are all taken directly from your Homesnap Pro profile, which means that you can be sure you’re offering consumers relevant, up-to-date information about your real estate services.

2. Evaluating Agents’ Experience

Think about the last time you tried a new restaurant. Even after you searched online and verified its hours, perused its menu, and established its location, there was likely one more step you took before deciding whether it was where you wanted to eat: looking at other consumers’ online reviews.

Things are the same for people searching for a real estate agent. Even after a seller establishes that you’re a real agent in their local market, they likely want to see endorsements from past clients, fellow agents, and other people who can speak to your real estate acumen before choosing you above the competition. 

Google is the same way – you’ll notice that agents who rank high for real estate search queries have at least five, and probably dozens, of positive reviews on their business profile.

To prove your experience and ability and to rank high on Google, you must solicit and receive Google reviews. We know that garnering reviews can be time-consuming, so Homesnap Pro+ includes the One-Click Review Tool. 

One click review homesnap pro+

The One-Click Review Tool enables Pro+ agents to ask Homesnap contacts or other connections to leave a review with the click of one button. Pro+ also automates up to three follow-up emails to ensure agents get the reviews they need.

Ask clients, friends, family, fellow agents, and others in your network for reviews and you’ll establish your experience to consumers and Google – earning more leads, clients, and new business.

3. Determining Whether an Agent Understands The Local Market

If you have a verified Google business profile and plentiful, positive Google reviews, it’s more likely that sellers will find you and contact you about their real estate needs.

But earning a lead and earning a client are different. A lead may contact you about your services, but they’re still deciding whether or not to use you or another agent to list their home. With more and more people indicating interest in becoming real estate agents, you can’t just be a name that appears in search results. Leads at this stage want it demonstrated to them that you are a local real estate who is worthy of their business.

Homesnap Pro+ puts members in a position to demonstrate this market expertise. After all, Pro+ operates on two tracks:

  1. Pro+ strengthens agents’ online presence
  2. Pro+ provides agents leading property and market insights

Those property and market insights make Pro+ agents more convincing to leads who are willing to hold out for the most informed agent possible.

As leads choose an agent, they’re going to want to hear about how quickly you believe you can sell their home, at what price, and how their listing compares to others in their neighborhood and town.

Pro+ features such as Advanced Heatmaps and Filters and Sell Speed help you quickly and authoritatively tell leads what their local market looks like and at what price their listing is likely to sell expeditiously.

Plus, Custom Lead Listing Pages help you win listing presentations, as you can promise leads that their listing will be featured on its very own property website.

In a hot market, sellers have the leverage to choose an agent they believe in. Become a Pro+ member to attract strong seller prospects, turn them into clients, and earn new and better business.

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