Think Referrals Aren’t Googling You? Think Again.

Think Referrals Aren’t Googling You? Think Again.

It’s busy season, which means people are actively searching for someone to help them sell or buy a home. The first step for many buyers and sellers is to ask friends, family, and coworkers if they recommend a specific agent.

Homesnap Pro Plus

Hopefully, with your strong reputation, your name is mentioned. But nowadays, people aren’t likely to hear your name once and then immediately give you a call. Instead, they’ll turn to the internet to research candidates and narrow down their options. Yes, you’re going to be Googled – and you’re going to be judged based on what consumers find. Are you confident about what they’ll see? If you’re a Homesnap Pro+ member, you should be.

The Power of Social Proof

When buyers and sellers Google you, they are looking for proof that you’re a capable and successful agent. With Pro+, their first stop will be your verified Google Business Profile, which is what appears at the right side of the search results when people search for you online. 

Your Google Business Profile includes contact information, hours of operation, address, recent listing photos, and other business details that demonstrate you’re a credible agent who is ready to serve clients.

When they find you on Google, consumers are also going to learn what it will be like to work with you, through the reviews hosted on your Google Business Profile. People read reviews before deciding on a restaurant or hotel – it’s no surprise they’d want to do the same before committing to a real estate agent. Positive reviews will help you win consumers’ business. Negative reviews, or a lack of reviews entirely, will count against you, making it less likely people hire you.

Appearing at the Top of Google Search Results

A search engine’s purpose is to display results that are relevant and helpful. How does the algorithm decide which Google Business Profiles are worth consumers’ attention? Google Reviews, which are pivotal because they are either a vote of confidence or disapproval from real people.

So when someone is searching for a real estate agent, Google wants to display its best inventory. Google Business Profiles with positive, recent reviews will always win over those that don’t. 

Positive Google reviews that date back months or years are also important because they indicate that you’re consistent and can be trusted.

Pro+ agents are able to earn positive reviews faster thanks to the One-Click Review Tool. This tool is synced to your Homesnap profile and contacts. This enables you to quickly send a review request to all of your contacts – whether they’re friends, family, clients, neighbors, or fellow agents. Importantly, the One-Click Review Tool automates the follow-up process with up to three follow-ups to save you time and increase your review count.

As you collect more positive reviews over time, Google will push your profile to a higher ranking. This, in turn, means more frequent profile exposure in results for broad search terms like “real estate agents in Buffalo.” Searchers will see your positive reviews, and the collective power of these testimonials will act as a referral of its own, convincing consumers to reach out to you.

Own Google local search results with Homesnap Pro+. Your verified and optimized Google Business Profile will turn referrals into clients, and get your information and positive reputation in front of consumers searching for real estate services.