Use a Real Estate Marketing Product That Works: 3 Reasons Agents Stick with Pro+

Use a Real Estate Marketing Product That Works: 3 Reasons Agents Stick with Pro+

Agents tell us all the time that quick or one-time marketing solutions rarely help their business. Instead, they find success with marketing strategies that they practice long-term.

With that in mind, we’ve been keeping a close eye on whether agents use our products for the long haul. We’re happy to say that a strong majority of our Homesnap Pro+ agents re-subscribe after both one and two years of being members.

Homesnap Pro+

After crunching the numbers and talking to agents, we found that as time progresses, Pro+ agents have reason to re-subscribe because of three game changing lead generation benefits:

  1. Help soliciting reviews for their Google business profile, which improves trust
  2. Automatic posts and updates for every listing on their Google business profile, which improves SEO performance
  3. Boosted agent profile on, which will ensure their profile is viewed by more consumers

1. Getting help earning reviews for their Google business profile

Buying or selling a home is a big, life-shaping event for clients. It makes sense that when people are looking for a real estate agent, they’re looking first and foremost for somebody with experience they can trust.

Homesnap Pro+ agents have an inside track in terms of demonstrating trustworthiness to new clients. With Pro+, agents have their Google business profile set up for them, and have access to a one-click review tool that makes it easier to get more and better reviews from your clients, fellow agents, and other connections.

Having more and better reviews than your competitors is essential. More than 90% of real estate searches start online, and consumers use Google far more than its competitors. When people search for “real estate agents near me,” they’re probably doing it on Google. That means that agents with positive, numerous Google reviews from satisfied clients are building trust and authority. Agents without those reviews look unprofessional and inexperienced, and risk falling behind their competitors.

2. Receiving SEO support that puts their profile at the top of Google results

Having strong and plentiful Google reviews is important for building an agent’s reputation, but is ultimately meaningless if searchers don’t actually see the reviews.

That’s where Homesnap Pro+ comes in. We make sure agents’ Google business profiles are verified instantly, automatically update agent listings, and regularly perform other SEO-friendly tasks such as updating pictures and posting market insights and commentary on agents’ behalf.  This way, Pro+ agents have profiles at the top of Google search results.

Our agents tell us that in their first few months as Pro+ agents, they start to see markedly increased organic search traffic, meaning that consumers are finding them on Google. By the time agents have had Pro+ for about six months, they see more people interacting with their listings and find that prospective homebuyers and sellers are reaching out to them directly via the email, phone number, and website they have listed on their Google business profile.

By the time agents have had Pro+ for a year, when they have to decide whether to re-subscribe, they have a comprehensive Google business profile with updated listings and sparkling reviews that consumers find at the top of local Google search results. Our data team estimates this results in up to a 5,000% increase in digital reach for Pro+ agents. The increased number of leads from ready to buy or sell clients makes it unsurprising that Pro+ agents re-subscribe for more.

3. Creating a customizable agent website that generates leads

As you can probably tell, Homesnap Pro+ specializes in making sure that when consumers in your market search online for an agent, they end up contacting you. We know this endeavor wouldn’t be complete without helping agents create a strong website, which is why a customizable real estate website is free for every Homesnap Pro+ agent.

For Pro+ agents, creating these websites provides substantial benefits. The websites are personalized, so agents receive unique, custom domain names along with an individualized theme, colors, and branding.

Homesnap Pro+ Real Estate websites are also the only personal agent websites that are powered by Homesnap Search. This means that visitors to a Pro+ agent’s website search for properties on the same trustworthy portal they use on Homesnap’s website – and that the listings they view feature the Pro+ agent as the only point of contact.

As Pro+ agents generate leads from their website, they don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Agents tell us that it typically costs thousands of dollars to set up and maintain a website, and that Pro+ membership is a fraction of that cost. When it comes time to renew Pro+, it’s no wonder that agents don’t want to give up a free, professionally managed website that earns them leads. The alternative is simply more costly and less effective.

Become a Homesnap Pro+ agent, boost your digital reach, earn leads, and learn firsthand why Pro+ agents keep renewing their subscriptions.