5 Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing Automation

5 Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing Automation

As an agent, you want to spend your time serving your clients. Prospecting for leads is an important part of the job, especially before busy season starts, but how can you find the leads you need without squandering too much time or money?

Fortunately, agents can pursue real estate marketing automation strategies that are quick and cost-effective.


Follow these five tips to improve your real estate marketing automation, and remember that each of these strategies is made easier with a Homesnap Pro+ membership.

Real Estate Marketing Automation Tip 1: Verify Your Google Business Profile

The first real estate marketing automation tip is also the most foundational: Make sure you have a verified Google business profile.

When consumers are searching on Google for real estate agents broadly or you specifically, the Google business profile is what appears at the the top of the page.


Your Google business profile and those of other agents are filled with business information such as contact information, recent listings and deals, business hours, an agent bio, and, crucially, reviews from clients and other connections.

Being “verified” means that Google has confirmed you’re the person you say you are and that the rest of your business information is complete and correct. Having a verified business profile ensures that clients have no problem finding you on Google, seeing your contact information, and quickly determining you’re a reputable agent who they want to work with.

Pro+ members have their business profiles verified automatically and managed over the course of a full year, so that your ranking and visibility continues to grow and you can focus your energies on best serving your clients.

Real Estate Marketing Automation Tip 2: Get Google Reviews in One-Click

Setting up a verified Google business profile is important, but on its own is not sufficient to maximize your digital presence. That requires numerous, positive Google reviews.

Google reviews appear in your Google business profile, and are valuable for two reasons:

  1. Positive Google reviews prove to people who search for you online that you are a competent agent who can be trusted to help them sell or buy a home. 
  2. Having a bevy of favorable Google reviews indicates to Google that your business profile should appear at the top of the page for real estate searches such as “local real estate agent near me.”

Appearing at the top of consumers’ Google searches for real estate agents is essential, because more than 90% of real estate searches now start online. Just consider a Google search for “local real estate agents”:

Notice how the 3 top featured agents all have more than 30 reviews, and ratings at or close to 5 stars. With the quantity and quality of their ratings, these agents have indicated to Google that they are experienced, well-regarded, and a good match for people ready to business.

Clearly, getting Google reviews is essential, but manually calling, emailing, texting, and writing letters to collect dozens of Google reviews takes up valuable time and energy. Fortunately, Pro+ offers a solution: the One-Click Review Tool.

One click review homesnap pro+

The One-Click Review Tool is designed to make it easier than ever for agents to invite clients, colleagues, and personal connections to leave reviews on Google.  No more calling or texting asking for a positive review on Google.  No more awkward conversations. With one click, you can gently encourage all your Homesnap contacts and other connections to leave a glowing recommendation. Then you can rest easy while we send up to three follow-up requests on your behalf.

Agents who use the One-Click Review Tool see results, receiving 3X more reviews from satisfied clients. These positive reviews pay off, as agents who use the One-Click Review Tool regularly have an average Google review rating of 4.95. Agents who don’t use the One-Click Review Tool? They have an average Google rating of only 1.5.

By automating review solicitation with the One-Click Review Tool, Pro+ agents receive more and better Google reviews – showing customers their mettle and upping their chances of vaulting to the top of Google search rankings.

Real Estate Marketing Automation Tip 3: Don’t Spend Thousands to Build and Maintain a Website

Having a modern, professional real estate website is a must for agents, but can command a hefty fee: Website development and recurring hosting and maintenance fees often exceed several thousand dollars, with most estimates coming in at about $6,000 for initial set up and $1,000 per year in ongoing upkeep.

Homesnap Pro+ offers you the chance to have a website without sacrificing time, money, or quality.

Pro+ agent websites include:

  • A simplified, elegant layout that prominently features your preferred web address name and brand across all pages
  • Powerful, lead-generating real estate tools consumers love
  • A built-in search portal powered by Homesnap, featuring the most accurate, real-time data in the industry

Homesnap Pro+ Real Estate websites are known for a host of advantages, most notably being included as part of a Pro+ membership. No fees, add-ons, or hidden costs – your website is integrated with the power of Homesnap Search and strong lead generation tools automatically.

Real Estate Marketing Automation Tip 4: Use Advanced Features to Prospect for Homesellers

For as much as a marketing strategy involves choosing the correct message and medium, no marketing strategy is complete – or even useful – if it hasn’t zeroed in on the correct audience.

With Homesnap Pro+, you have a centralized, automated marketing intelligence platform from which to identify your target audience.

Use visual heatmaps to quickly and easily identify properties that are most likely to sell before they hit the market. Our range of premium filters, which include home loan balances and distressed property identification, make it easier for you to identify and visualize which homes are likely to be on the market soon.

With this knowledge, you can market your real estate services and knowledge to people who are most interested in selling their home – and spend your time and energy where it is most likely to pay off.

Real Estate Marketing Automation Tip 5: Set an Optimal Listing Price

After developing an online presence and identifying and attracting leads, you’ll be responsible for marketing the actual property. Even – and maybe especially – when the market is hot, it is essential that you the best listing price possible.

Setting a competitive listing price doesn’t have to involve guesswork. Sell Speed from Homesnap Pro+ gives you an accurate estimate of how long a home is likely to stay on the market at a given price.

Want to know the ideal listing price to quickly sell a home, or demonstrate to clients how a change in price affects days on market? Sell Speed from Pro+ enables you to set the right listing price for every home and every client, which delivers your clients the best deal possible and cements your reputation as a trusted real estate agent.

Use Real Estate Marketing Automation Strategies That Work

Having an strong real estate marketing operation doesn’t require separate, costly subscriptions to a slew of real estate marketing automation software providers. All the effective real estate marketing automation tools you need can be found in one product: Homesnap Pro+.

Pro+ is the leading option if you’re a real estate agent who wants to automate your marketing because:

  1. Pro+ verifies your Google business profile
  2. Pro+ helps you get Google reviews in one-click
  3. Pro+ builds and maintains your real estate website
  4. Pro+ provides advanced lead prospecting tools
  5. Pro+ helps you determine the right listing price

You won’t succeed as a real estate agent without a real estate marketing automation strategy that helps you manage your online presence and own your local market. Homesnap Pro+ executes that strategy for you, and ensures you have new leads, new clients, and new business.