4 Real Estate Listing Description Examples That Increase Sales

4 Real Estate Listing Description Examples That Increase Sales

The home is clean, the repairs have been made, and your client is ready to open their doors to prospective buyers.

It’s time to post a home listing.

Writing and posting informative, engaging home listings has never been more important for agents. People are more likely than ever to start home searches online, and whether they decide to contact you to tour a property depends largely on what they see in the listing description you post.

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That means having a strong real estate listing description is a must. But preparing a top-tier listing description doesn’t have to be complicated and is far from unattainable. Check out four listing description examples from Homesnap Pro agents that follow listing best practices. Then, incorporate these strategies to your own listing descriptions, drive up demand for your properties, and sell them more quickly and at a higher price.

Listing Description Example #1: Tells a Story

Many businesses and business leaders say that storytelling is the most valuable sales tool in their arsenal.

As a real estate agent, you should think this way, too. Listing descriptions are strongest when they tell a story and allow clients to envision the kind of life they’ll live in a home.

Agent Cindy Rack of Keller Williams Realty in Bethel Park, PA, effectively told a story in her recent listing for a suburban Pittsburgh home.

Consider how the listing highlights the potential for future activities and lifestyle. The front porch will be great for morning coffee or entertaining friends; the basement can be refashioned into a game room; the location is down the road from shops and public transportation.

Overall, this listing description tells a story: Live here and enjoy a comfortable and convenient life.

Listing Description Example #2: Uses Professional Listing Photos

When it comes to home listings, words are only part of the story. Professional-quality staging photos also are essential to increasing consumer interest, and should be considered an integral component of your listing description.

One agent who recognizes the importance of professional listing photos is Gloria Matlin of Compass in Glencoe, IL.

Matlin’s recent listings in suburban Chicago include professional-quality photos of the properties.

One listing on Forestway Drive starts by saying that the home sits on a corner lot and features an “expansive property, fenced and professionally landscaped… [and] an updated eat-in kitchen featuring quartz counters and stainless appliances.”

To back up her words, Matlin included pictures of the property and the home’s interior. The pictures are well-staged, reflect the home’s natural light, and give consumers the opportunity to get a feel for the property before committing to a showing.

When you prepare a listing, remember that a real estate listing description is only as strong as the photos that accompany it.

Listing Description Example #3: Highlighting Unique Features

Not every property is created equal, and not every buyer wants the same things in a home. In order to book more tours with high-intent buyers, make sure your listing descriptions highlight each property’s unique features.

In a recent listing for a Del Mar, CA home, agent Massimo Bettazzi mentioned features which signal to buyers that they are viewing a luxury property.

An open floor plan, landscaped backyard, porcelain flooring, recessed lighting, quartz countertops – buyers who look at this listing know to expect a high-end, move-in ready home. The people who ask to view this home will likely value these amenities and be willing to pay to have a house equipped with them.

Highlighting unique home features doesn’t just make clear the value of your listings. It makes it more likely that the right kind of buyers will come to see your properties.

Listing Description Example #4: Includes a Call to Action

Telling buyers what they’ll find in a home is good. Giving them a specific action to take is even better.

Caitlin Platt, of RE/MAX West End in Falls Church, VA, included a succinct call to action at the end of a recent listing.

After detailing the home’s features, location, and accessibility, Platt wrote “Schedule a showing today!” By including this call to action, Platt is providing consumers clear instruction on what their next step should be.

Calls to action are powerful and boost conversions. Even when it seems obvious, finish your real estate listings by providing a tangible, direct call to action.

How Homesnap Pro Can Help

Overall, an effective real estate listing description spurs the right kind of buyer to come and tour a given property. If you’re a Homesnap Pro agent, you’re in a position to post listings that do exactly this.

Homesnap Pro agents have access to market-leading data that allows them to stay on top of local real estate trends — which makes it easier to write listings that tell prospective buyers a story that matches up with current market conditions.

Plus, Pro agents can bring their listing life with Homesnap Stories, adding features such as augmented reality and voice over music that allow for more compelling storytelling.

Pro agents also have a leg up when it comes to a call to action. Notice that all of the listings featured here have a button offering to send the agent a private message. With a built-in CTA and a strong built-in messaging feature, it’s fast and simple for Homesnap Pro agents to answer questions about their properties. 

This all means that if you’re a Pro agent, your listings are more likely to generate leads, and your leads are more likely to become buyers.