Homesnap Pro+ Helps Agents With These 3 Housing Market Challenges

Homesnap Pro+ Helps Agents With These 3 Housing Market Challenges

The shifting housing market poses significant challenges for real estate agents. Buyer demand is cooling and housing inventory remains low. People who would otherwise be eager to buy or sell a home may feel skittish about or lacking the sufficient information to make such a big decision in a tumultuous market.

Homesnap Pro+

Homesnap Pro+ agents are uniquely positioned to thrive in a time of market uncertainty. That’s because Pro+ agents have access to tools that help them prospect, build a reputation, and gain mastery of their local market. Overcome challenging market conditions, impress clients, and win more business with Homesnap Pro+.

Market Challenge #1: Buyer Demand is Cooling

Because of rising mortgage rates and stubbornly high home prices, fewer people are seeking home loans. Cooling buyer demand means that the days of automatic bidding wars and all-cash offers well over listing prices are on pause.

Generating buyers’ interest in listings takes work, but is achievable for agents who use Homesnap Pro+.

Pro+ helps agents develop the strong reputation that is necessary to promote their listings with authority. A complete, verified Google Business Profile is the first step. Your Google Business Profile is displayed prominently in Google search results — on the right side on desktop and at the top on mobile results. It contains your contact details, brokerage affiliation and branding, a business description, photos, and, importantly, reviews.

Homesnap Pro+ Google business profile verification

Your Google Business Profile communicates to consumers that you’re a credible real estate agent who others trust to help them with one of the most important financial decisions they’ll ever make. 

To create your profile and instantly verify your business with Google, Pro+ uses validated information from your brokerage and MLS. This process saves you time and ensures that you have a consistent, professional presence on Homesnap and Google.

Market Challenge #2: Low Inventory Leads to Fewer Listings

Even homeowners who are ready to sell may be nervous in this climate. Will their home generate enough interest? Will they get the sale price they want? These are the questions consumers expect you to answer intelligently in order to be trusted with their business. And they’re questions Homesnap Pro+ agents are ready to answer.

To start, Homesnap Pro+’s Sell Speed tool identifies a property’s ideal sale price, which is based on a data-driven, internal algorithm that predicts how long a property will stay on the market at any given sales prices. With Sell Speed, Pro+ agents can tell potential sellers how long it will take to sell their house and suggest a listing price that works for a seller’s schedule. Plus, Pro+ agents who use Sell Speed are able to give buyers a more accurate prediction of how long homes are lasting one the market, and the price at which they’re selling.

Getting listings is easier when you demonstrate to buyers and sellers that you’re in tune with the market. Remember, too, that Homesnap Pro agents have access to Likelihood to List, another proprietary algorithm that identifies which properties are most likely to go on the market in the next 12 months. Pro+ agents have even more homeowner information available, and can contact the owners of the most likely to list homes and pitch their real estate services.

Market Challenge #3: Uncertainty Makes Buyers and Sellers Wary

It’s no wonder consumers are nervous about the real estate market. If you want to win their business, you better be able to answer their questions about what’s likely to happen next.

With Pro+, you have the tools to be a local market expert – and you can share your knowledge and insights with clients and prospects. Advanced heatmaps and filters, which include home loan balances, provide Pro+ agents the ability to see in real-time what’s happening in their market.

Additionally, as a trusted agent who shows up at the top of Google results, people are more likely to listen to what you have to say. Your expertise will put them at ease and make them feel comfortable partnering with you for their real estate journey.

Upgrade to Pro+ today to stand out on Google, build trust with consumers, access a comprehensive view of market conditions, and become your region’s go-to agent – no matter what happens in the broader market.