Own Your Local Market With Homesnap Pro+

Own Your Local Market With Homesnap Pro+

Being a real estate agent requires wearing many hats. You also have to be part marketer, part advisor, part therapist, and, above all else, you need to be an authoritative, no-doubt-about-it expert on your local real estate market. Clients may not understand the level of expertise needed to be an effective agent, but at Homesnap, we do.

That’s why Homesnap Pro+ wasn’t only built to help you strengthen your online reputation – even though it’s first-in-class at bolstering your presence on Google and Pro+ also sets you above your competition by expanding your market knowledge and providing you the property insights necessary to be a local expert and prospect for new business.

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Learn about 6 Pro+ features that help you build local market expertise, learn about local properties, and identify new clients.

1. Advanced Heatmaps and Filters

As an agent, one of your most valuable activities is identifying and contacting people who are ready to sell their home. With Homesnap Pro+, you’ll have access to the prospecting tools to do just that. 

In addition to flagship Homesnap Pro heatmaps and filters such as Likelihood to List, MLS status, and mortgage age, Pro+ agents have access to additional search criteria, including:

  • Distressed properties
  • Ownership type
  • Home equity
  • Loan balance

These filters can be layered to narrow your audience and help you craft relevant, targeted messaging to people who are interested in selling their home. This way, your marketing and outreach is more likely to generate new clients.

2. Additional Homeowner Info

As you identify properties that are likely to hit the market, you’ll want to know everything possible about the people who own them. Pro+ provides you access to additional homeowner data, such as demographics like household income, marital status, age, and gender, and also social media profiles and handles.

With this valuable information, you’ll better understand prospects and their potential motivation for selling, so you can have more productive conversations and convert prospects to leads, and leads to clients.

3. Sell Speed

Setting the ideal listing price can be tricky, especially in a time of real estate market uncertainty and upheaval. But Pro+ agents don’t have to be worried. With Pro+, you’ll gain access to Sell Speed, an artificial intelligence algorithm that predicts how long a home is likely to be on the market before selling.

Sell Speed makes it possible to set the right listing price for every home and every client. Plus, Sell Speed helps demonstrate to clients that you’re making informed, intelligent decisions about their listing, as you can use Sell Speed to show clients how a theoretical change in listing price would affect the amount of time their property remains on the market.

4. Custom Listing Lead Pages

As a Pro+ agent, you’ll receive a free custom lead page to use for all of your marketing needs. Share your lead page on social media and other platforms, assuring consistency on all your consumer-facing communications.

Your lead page will help you win listing presentations, as you can promise clients that their listing will be showcased on its very own single property website. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of lead page designs that look great on desktop and are responsive to every type of mobile device. Your lead page is automatically customized with your name, headshot, and agent branding.

5. Who’s Viewed

We get it: You want to know if your listings and your Homesnap profile are getting attention from consumers and other agents. Pro+ makes that possible.

Homesnap Pro agents use Who’s Viewed to learn how many consumers have viewed their listings in the last 90 days, as well as how many agents have viewed their profile and listings in that time.

Pro+ agents have an essential added benefit. With Pro+, you can see which specific agents are viewing your profile and listings. This way, you can sort the agents viewing your profile by productivity, message them in only one click, and gauge the interest of the buyers they represent.

6. Flashback Photos

Curious about a current listing’s recent renovations, strengths, and weaknesses? With Pro+’s Flashback Photos, you’ll have access to this information – enabling you to better answer client questions.

homesnap pro+ flashback photos

Flashback Photos unlocks historical MLS photos on listing pages. Unlock a unified gallery of historical listing photos, and present this information in listing presentations when working with sellers or as you discuss an offer strategy with your buyer clients.

Pro+ Gives You Property and Market Insights

With Homesnap Pro+, you will build local market expertise and more effectively prospect, pitch, and negotiate. Upgrade to Pro+ today to learn your market, boost your productivity, and earn more business.