Online Advertising Advice: Why Winter Is Your Time to Shine

Online Advertising Advice: Why Winter Is Your Time to Shine

You might be reading the headline here and scratching your head, but hear us out: When it comes to maximizing the ROI on your online advertising, now is the moment to get the most bang for your buck.

Here’s why you need to be running real estate ads right now:

1. Between January and March, fewer agents run ads.

With fewer listings to showcase, it’s natural that fewer agents are running ads. But, savvy agents know that this is a great time to advertise. With other agents backing away until the spring, the people who do run ads (i.e. you) will claim more advertising space.

It also means your ad dollars will go further, since there is less competition (in effect, you will pay less for each view or click).

It’s simple supply and demand. You get to supply more ads to prospects, since other agents aren’t demanding their ads be served, too.

2. Prospects are looking – and you’ll get more clicks right now.

Even though it’s the slow season, our data show an increase in views and clicks across Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising during winter. With competition down, those clicks could be yours if you just make your move.

3. You’ll get more qualitative results, too.

With the space less saturated, you’re not just getting more clicks — you’re getting more name recognition, too.

Think about it: When people are seeing fewer agents’ faces and names, they’re more likely to hold onto the ones they do see.

And if you want leads for spring, the time to break through is before the busy season — not once it’s in full swing.

4. It’s easier than you think.

When you use Homesnap Pro Ads, for instance, we will create, place, target and optimize the best real estate advertising on big online networks like Facebook and Google.

We’ll save you time, and in these winter months especially, the return on your investment could be big.

5. April is too late to start online advertising!

Those April showers will also bring a full-on flood of real estate ads into the online advertising space. If you’re just jumping in then, months will have passed without your name or face being in front of buyers and sellers.

If you wait, you’ll have to work a lot harder to gain ground and build up your reputation. You’ll have to pay more in advertising dollars, too.