The One Click That Gets You New Business

The One Click That Gets You New Business

The competition for listings is fierce, and we’ve heard from agents that they’re working harder than ever to win new business. You probably feel the same way. But are your efforts going to pay off? Without a strong Google presence, the honest answer is no.

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Consumers who are ready to buy or sell a home turn to Google to search for real estate information and for local agents. What will they find when they search for you? With positive, plentiful Google reviews on a verified Google Business Profile, buyers and sellers should find that you’re trustworthy and worthy of their business. And with more Google reviews, you boost your odds of appearing at the top of general searches for local real estate services.

Generating reviews on Google boosts your profile and your business, but is also an activity that can suck up time you would rather spend with clients or leads. Homesnap Pro+ provides a solution. Learn how the One-Click Review Tool automates the review request process to help you get the reviews that help you stand out in a tough market, easily and in one click.

1. One Click Improves Your Google Business Profile

To collect and display Google reviews, you need a verified Google Business Profile. This is the business listing that shows up on the right side of search results when someone searches for your name. In addition to reviews, your Google Business Profile contains essential information such as contact information, a description of your services and specialties, and business photos and videos.

Pro+ automatically verifies your Google Business Profile and populates it with the up-to-date information featured on your Homesnap profile. But Google requires you to get reviews on your own. Imagine the time it would take to individually message contacts, track who has and hasn’t left a review, and then follow up again and again. The One-Click Review Tool ensures this time-consuming nightmare doesn’t become a reality.

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The One-Click Review Tool is connected to your Homesnap Profile, so all of your contacts are available in one place. Simply click “Request Review” and your clients, friends, family, fellow agents, and anyone else in your network will be sent a personalized email requesting a review. 

Best of all, the One-Click Review tool keeps track of who has left you a review. Those who haven’t yet left a review are sent up to three follow-up emails automatically. This way, your Google Business Profile is full of the reviews you need to build trust with consumers – all without hours and hours of time being spent begging and nagging for your contacts to write them.

2. One Click Ensures You Appear in Front of More Buyers and Sellers

You know that positive Google reviews make you appear more credible to consumers. What you may not realize is that getting more Google reviews with the help of the One-Click Review Tool also ensures that you appear in front of more buyers and sellers who are searching for local real estate services.

Just consider: When prospective buyers and sellers are looking for an agent, they might not have anyone specific in mind. In fact, some of the most highly trafficked real estate searches are for broad terms like “real estate agents near me.” If you appear at the top of terms like this, you’ll reach more buyers and sellers, attract more leads, and win more business.

The biggest factor Google considers when deciding which agents to put at the top of these results is the quality and quantity of the reviews on agents’ Google Business Profiles.

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That’s because this positive feedback is a strong signal that consumers trust your business and would recommend it to others. Google wants to give searchers the best results possible, with the best real estate agents at the top. If you are a top real estate agent, you have to prove it to Google by getting positive reviews. The One-Click Review Tool helps you get the dozens of positive reviews necessary to impress Google, appear in front of buyers and sellers, and win business online.

In just one click, it’s possible to build a competitive advantage on Google that wins you new business in a challenging market. Upgrade to Pro+ today, use the One-Click Review Tool, and develop a Google presence that gets you new business.