Busy Season’s Over. Follow These 3 Steps to Earn New Business Anyway.

Busy Season’s Over. Follow These 3 Steps to Earn New Business Anyway.

With busy season over, some real estate may figure that new business is over for the rest of the year. You shouldn’t feel that way. Autumn may not be the most frenzied time on the market, but sellers are still listing and buyers still want homes.

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There are more than 1 million active listings on the market, and there is still business to be won. How can you make the most of what some call the off-season? Take these three steps to earn new business as the weather and market cools.

Step 1: Verify Your Google Business Profile

Google plays a leading role for buyers and sellers throughout their real estate journey. Just consider: 97% of homebuyers turn to the internet during their home search. You need to be where buyers and sellers are searching, and online, that place is Google.

Premier search result placement is given to the Google Business Profile. It’s the large, can’t-miss information box that appears to the right of search results on desktop and at the top on mobile when people search your name on Google

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Your Google Business Profile is chock-full of important details, such as your contact information, a description of your services, business photos, and reviews of your real estate services, among other information. 

Homesnap Pro+ makes it easy to get up and running on Google fast. Instead of waiting for weeks for Google to verify your Profile, Pro+ instantly verifies and automatically populates your Google Business Profile with professional details from your Homesnap account. Your complete profile lends your online reputation professionalism and legitimacy, and impresses people who search for you online.

Step 2: Get Positive Google Reviews

Your Google Business Profile is the centerpiece of your Google presence. And the crown jewel of your Google Business Profile are your reviews and overall review rating out of 5 stars.

Nowadays, 98% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. As a real estate agent, you operate a local business, and you should assume that buyers and sellers are going to read the reviews on your Google Business Profile. After all, prospective clients are hiring a representative for one of the biggest transactions of their life – positive reviews provide proof that you’re up to the job.

When your Google Business Profile has positive, plentiful reviews, you’ll impress buyers and sellers. Without these reviews, they’ll question your skill and professionalism. Is nobody willing to endorse this agent’s ability or character? That’s not a question you want consumers asking, so it’s important to collect reviews consistently throughout your career.

It’s easy to request a review if you’re a Homesnap Pro+ agent. With Pro+’s One-Click Review Tool, you can select a contact from your address book and immediately send a review request, whether you’re at your desk or on the move. 

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The One-Click Review Tool takes the hassle and stress out of the review generation process by keeping track of whether your contact has submitted a review. Plus, the One-Click Review Tool will automatically send up to 3 follow-up messages on your behalf if your contact hasn’t yet left a review.

Step 3: Soar to the Top of Google and Earn New Clients

With a verified Google Business Profile filled with positive, plentiful reviews, Google will recognize you as a trusted local real estate agent. This recognition from Google is important, as it will make the search giant more inclined to serve your Google Business Profile at the top of the page for search results for broad terms like “real estate agents near me.” 

Real Estate Agents Near Me search

Appearing at the top of these search results means Google is acting as your referral service. Your name is now in front of more buyers and sellers, and you’re going to win more business.

Let other agents refer to autumn as the “off-season.” You can spend this fall soaring to the top of Google Search results and attracting new business. Upgrade to Homesnap Pro+ today, enjoy a verified Google Business Profile, and fill it with favorable reviews that will impress buyers, sellers, and Google itself.

And remember: with Pro+, you’ll also be able to serve clients and prospect for new business by using additional tools, such as Who’s Viewed (to see what other agents are viewing your profile and listings) and Sell Speed (which helps you set the right listing price for every home and in listing presentations).