No Inventory? Here’s How to Win More Listings

No Inventory? Here’s How to Win More Listings

It’s a sellers’ market.

Despite record-setting levels of home-buying interest, new listings have decreased by about 5% compared to this time last year, and the average time a property spends on market is now just 10 days, down from 83 in 2019.

So with competition for listings fiercer than ever, what can you do to set yourself apart and earn more seller clients?

Win more listings by advertising your past solds

As home prices continue to climb and sellers realize they can make a tidy profit on a sale, more and more are likely to enter the market.  Several consumer publications have recently advised undecided sellers to seize the opportunity—even if they intended to wait for upwards of a year or two. So why not go after these consumers now by leveraging your previous experience?  

Past solds are advertisements that showcase your success in selling a property.  They’re used as a way to demonstrate your experience in your sphere and highlight your abilities as a sellers’ agent, and they’re an ideal way to market your business when you don’t have any current listings.

They look like this:

In today’s market, an ideal past sold advertisement would include copy or image to entice an on-the-fence seller towards putting their home up for sale. Did you recently sell a home above asking price? Go under contract in record time?  Get an overwhelming number of offers or several all-cash ones?  Include it in your ad. The secret isn’t so much to show you can sell their home, but to demonstrate that you can do it better than anyone else. 

How Homesnap Can Help

Homesnap offers two options for agents looking to advertise their past solds.

Homesnap Pro Ads

Real estate agents have used Homesnap Pro Ads to run hundreds of thousands of ad campaigns to promote their past solds on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Waze.

Homesnap Pro Ads automates your advertising, so you don’t have to create ads from scratch or have an extensive knowledge of digital marketing. And because we can leverage consumer data from the millions of consumers who use the Homesnap app, we can target those likely to sell with far more precision than DIY alternatives. 

Homesnap Pro Ads also makes it easy to customize your ads.  So, if you have particular copy to include on your advertisements—like the fact you sold a listing above market value—you can easily include it to demonstrate why you’re the best agent out there for potential sellers.

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Homesnap Concierge

Want to fully automate your past sold marketing and lead qualification?  You can with Homesnap Concierge.

Each month, our dedicated and experienced Concierge marketing team—supported by our Concierge-only, in-house machine learning algorithms—will optimize and run your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Waze*.  Then, our team will handle all the lead qualification for you.  We’ll send you the qualified, hot leads right away, and continue to nurture warm leads until they are ready to convert.  You’ll have full transparency into the process. We’ll share key metrics — number of leads processed, our conversations with them, lead contact information, qualification details, all leads acquired, and more — so you can follow us every step of the way.

With Concierge, you can start by advertising your past solds, and as you win more seller clients, we’ll automatically recalibrate your marketing to advertise those listings to buyers —all completely hands-off.  All you have to do is fill out a quick survey, include any superlatives or custom copy or images you’d like to see on your ads, and then watch the leads roll in.

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*Homesnap Concierge works across multiple networks – such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram – to get you the best leads.  As Homesnap Concierge is not an automated, one-size-fits-all solution, each and every campaign is unique.