NEW: Our Lowest Price Ever for Waze Advertisements for Homesnap Agents

NEW: Our Lowest Price Ever for Waze Advertisements for Homesnap Agents

We just launched our lowest price ever for Waze advertisements, so Homesnap Pro agents can now advertise on Waze for just $39 per ad.

Agents can only unlock this $39 offer through Homesnap Pro Ads. This additional budget option gives agents even more flexibility and control over how they spend their marketing dollars and, for those who have been on the fence about trying Waze, a low-risk opportunity to see firsthand how effective these map ads can be!

The Waze navigation app accumulated a loyal base of 130 million monthly active users long before the pandemic began. But now more than ever, it’s the optimal time to reach new buyers and sellers through Waze ads. Even as cities reopen, many people are still hesitant to ride public transportation due to COVID concerns. When possible, many are choosing to drive instead to lower their risk and increase their comfort, and that means an increase in navigation app usage.

Waze data show that since the beginning of the year, users are driving more — and more recently as cities reopen, those numbers continue to climb. At a time when markets are highly competitive and agents are looking for ways to stand out, geo-targeted ads on an app with increased usage are a no-brainer.

How Waze Advertisements Work

Ads on Waze safely target drivers within a specified radius of a target location, which means they work well to promote your business, new listings, and even drive foot traffic to open houses. When your ad appears in the app, drivers just need to tap the screen to reroute themselves to your listing.

Even if you don’t have an active listing to promote, you can still use Waze ads to promote recent sales – like a digital billboard to build awareness of your business with locals. These ads reach a wider audience than a traditional roadside billboard or yard sign because people don’t actually need to drive in front of the listing or your office to see your ad. They only need to be nearby.

We estimate that real estate agents who select the new $39 advertising option can expect approximately 12,000 views, 50 clicks, and at least 1 navigation. You’ll have the ability to choose from three different ad units, and can mix and match if you’d like, depending on your goals. We handle all the setup, design, targeting, and analytics — you simply pick your budget and the listing or sale that you’d like to promote.

Zero-Speed Takeover

When Waze senses that the car has come to full stop, your ad will fill the top portion of the navigation screen. Drivers are prompted to redirect their route to your listing. This ad unit is ideal for promoting an open house.

Branded Pin 

The branded pin ad quite literally puts your business on the map. Once users tap on your pin, a billboard will fill the top portion of the screen with text and a photo. This ad type works well to build brand awareness and let locals know where your office is located.


Promoted Search

Your ad will get promoted to the top when drivers use Waze’s search function. This is another way to build awareness or drive open house attendance. Interested users can choose to navigate to your listing right from the ad.


Why Waze Ads with Homesnap?

We’re here to help agents work more efficiently and effectively. Homesnap automates the Waze ad buying process so agents don’t have to create ads from scratch or waste hours trying to figure out a new ad platform. This speeds up the process so you can get your ads live faster than the competition and see an ROI faster.

See how much exposure you can get from launching a Waze ad today.