Sick of Paying to List Your NYC Properties? It’s Time To Try Citysnap.

Sick of Paying to List Your NYC Properties? It’s Time To Try Citysnap.

Paying to list for-sale and for-rent properties on real estate platforms is among NYC agents’ most nagging pet peeves. So, when it was time to develop Citysnap, where New Yorkers go to Find a New Place in a Snap, we were resolute: Agents will never have to pay to list on Citysnap.

You heard that right. No daily fee, no fee-per listing, no fee to prevent other agents from advertising on your listing. You don’t even have to upload listings manually – your listings are synced to Citysnap for free, fed directly from the RLS.

Citysnap eliminates 3 major inconveniences for NYC agents and brokers, and in the process created the most agent-friendly real estate app in the NYC market. 

1. Never Pay to List

Citysnap comes with a promise. No daily fee, no fee-per-listing – you never have to pay to list, period.

We know some other real estate apps and portals in New York City expect agents to pay to list. We think that’s shortsighted.

After all, what makes Citysnap valuable for both agents and NYC consumers is that Citysnap has the most accurate and up-to-date for-sale and for-rent listings of any real estate app or platform servicing NYC. Being forced to list makes it less likely all available properties appear. And platforms that aren’t accurate and updated don’t work. Agents are hesitant to use them; consumers don’t trust them. Citysnap has neither of those problems, and that’s why it’s becoming NYC’s go-to real estate platform.

Here’s the takeaway: You don’t have to pay to list on Citysnap and you’ll never have to.

2. Never Upload Listings Manually

With Citysnap, you’ll never pay to list. That’s a big deal, but it’s not the only hassle Citysnap agents are spared.

Citysnap Pro agents don’t have to upload their listings manually or pay for automated feeds. With Citysnap, your listings are uploaded automatically, straight from the RLS.

This is part of the reason Citysnap is gaining a reputation for accuracy. What’s on the RLS is on Citysnap – you’re spared the stress and inconvenience of manually uploading. And remember, Citysnap Pro is part of your REBNY membership. There’s no cost for you or your clients to access these accurate, up-to-date for-sale and for-rent listings.

3. Never Pay a Fee to Prevent Other Agents from Advertising on Your Listings

Citysnap is an agent-first platform. And in addition to making sure you never have to pay to list or upload listings manually, using Citysnap comes with a promise other NYC real estate apps and portals can’t match: You don’t and will never have to pay a fee to protect your own listing.

No app that allows other agents or brokers to pay for ads on your listings is agent-first. Consumers who are interested in a listing get sent straight to you. No bait-and-switch, no gimmicks or games – just your listings producing leads for you, not your competitors. Close a lead? On Citysnap, there’s a 0% commission for leads closed.

Already using Citysnap Pro? That’s great. But you’ll have more success if you and your listings get more attention online and especially on Google. Upgrade to Citysnap Pro+ to own the NYC market and appear at the top of NYC Google searches for top real estate agents.

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