4 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions From Top Homesnap Agents

4 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions From Top Homesnap Agents

December is typically a time to take stock of what’s working and what isn’t and make a plan for the new year.

For real estate agents, end-of-year reflection and planning is especially important. Busy season is over but also only a few months from resuming. Buyers and sellers are occupied with holidays, friends, and family, but may also be making decisions about their real estate goals. Agents may not be closing as many deals, but are probably laying the groundwork for the marketing efforts that will rack up leads and clients come spring.

We asked five top agents how they’re working to improve their marketing in 2022. We found that many agents plan to expand their digital advertising strategies by posting more videos or advertisements on Google, Facebook, or Instagram. Other agents aim to work with expert marketing teams, or improve their reputation by handwriting postcards or centering their personality in their marketing materials.

Overall, top agents’ 2022 marketing resolutions indicate that in order to compete for leads and clients, you should commit to improving your marketing strategy and execution every year. 

1. Celebrate What Makes You Unique and Recognizable

When it comes to marketing, many agents like to think they have a trick up their sleeve. Paul Bauer, an Omaha, Nebraska-based real estate agent at Pinnacle Commercial Group of kwELITE, takes a different tack: an affectation around his neck.

Bauer started wearing a bow tie to weddings and formal events before becoming a real estate agent. By the time he became an agent, bow ties were a part of his professional dress — and his marketing materials.

Bauer brands his social media pages and business cards with images bearing the tagline, “The Bow Tie Realtor.”

“It’s a quick way in with potential clients because it’s something they can remember or bring up with me,” Bauer said. “A bow tie in any situation stands out.”

Bauer wants to continue building a unique, recognizable brand, and says he plans to do more advertising featuring his real estate savvy and his bow tie on social media sites such as Google and Facebook by using Homesnap Pro Ads. “I’m going to be a lot more hands-on,” Bauer said. “The priority is using ads and my brand to book more appointments and meet new clients.”

2. Try New Marketing Platforms — With Expert Help

Sara Ghodsi, an agent at Keller Williams in San Diego, plans to kick off 2022 by trying new marketing platforms.

In Ghodsi’s case, that involves developing a digital presence through a host of activities, including:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Advertising for the first time on an online platform such as Facebook or Google
  • Sending personal, handwritten cards to past clients on their purchase anniversaries
  • Researching and improving her search engine optimization (SEO)

Ghodsi is excited to try new marketing platforms and expects to see results, but says that she does not want marketing to become her main — or only — professional focus.

“I’m just one girl,” Ghodsi said. “The goal is to hire a small team to help me with marketing so I can focus on building relationships.”

3. Bolster Your Social Media Presence With Videos

Some agents are already advertising on a host of social media platforms. Two of our top agents told us that their resolution for 2022 was to improve their presence on these social media sites through videos.

“Keeping up with the newest real estate marketing ideas and trends is crucial,” said Christopher Robles, a Coldwell Banker agent in Chicago. “For 2022, I feel that trend is video creation.”

Robles says that video tours of homes capture leads’ attention and can help them envision themselves in their next home. Robles plans to also incorporate videos featuring testimonials and client reviews.

Mickey Wright of Triumph Realty in Virginia Beach, VA has already been incorporating videos by posting listings to her social media pages, Facebook Reels, and Instagram Stories. She plans to professionalize her videos this year by hiring a videographer.

“These videos will include details about myself, the services that I offer, the areas that I cover, and how I’m able to assist clients,” Wright said. “Every year I take a look at what I’ve spent and determine return on investment.”

With their plans for 2022, Wright and Robles both indicate that videos, when informative and well-produced, provide a return on agents’ investment.

4. Stay True to Yourself and Your Clients

For some agents, deciding on a 2022 marketing resolution hasn’t been difficult. Maurice Richardson, of Realty Mark Associates in Philadelphia, said making a 2022 marketing resolution wasn’t difficult.

“I’ll try to keep my marketing plan mostly the same and fine tune a few things,” Richardson said.

Richardson has had a strong 2021, and says he currently has 12 pending closings for the month of December alone.

Richardson attributes his success to tapping into a large, local network of friends and family and being an authentic, regional expert on real estate.

Richardson is a Pro+ member, and says Homesnap has been an “amazing asset” to his marketing.

“More than anything, I’ll just stay true to myself and bust my butt for my clients,” Richardson said.

Every time one of Richardson’s clients closes on a home, he gives them a nice bottle of champagne. By resolving to fine tune his marketing strategy , Richardson should have more bottles to pop in 2022.