Live Open Houses are now Available on iOS and Android

Live Open Houses are now Available on iOS and Android

Agents can now promote live virtual open houses on the Homesnap platform on iOS and Android.

Why is this important?

Even as states rescind stay-at-home guidelines and the real estate market eases back to normalcy, plenty of would-be homebuyers are still reluctant to visit a property in person. Open houses have yet to see the same level of attendance they have in years past, and, by most industry expert predictions, won’t for some time.

Agents who neglect to cater to these prospective buyers risk missing out on potential clients and revenue.

How Homesnap Live Open Houses work

Using the Homesnap platform, you can create video tours of a property and schedule and host open houses virtually, much in the same way you would an in-person one.  The only difference? You’ll enter a URL in the “Open House Live Stream URL” field within the Open House menu of your listing.

Once complete, scheduled virtual open houses will appear as a purple-colored pin within Homesnap’s map view, and property card banners, as shown on the right side of the below photo, will display the date and time of the virtual open house (again, in purple).

When a virtual open house goes live, the purple pin will animate and the property card banner will display a “Live Now” message, inviting prospective homebuyers currently searching the Homesnap platform to join your presentation.

Pretty easy, right?

A final note

Virtual open houses and in-person open houses should not be viewed as mutually exclusive.  Many prospective homebuyers are ready to visit a property in-person. Others are not. So, to attract the widest possible prospect pool, you should strive to host both versions.  Fortunately, with Homesnap, that’s easier than ever.