Want Business Even When Listings Are at a Record Low? Try Homesnap Pro+.

Want Business Even When Listings Are at a Record Low? Try Homesnap Pro+.

When we ask agents about the most challenging aspects of the current real estate market, we tend to hear the same refrain: Housing inventory is so historically low that it’s hard to capture home sellers’ attention and earn listings.

The drop in housing supply has been drastic. According to the Federal Reserve, housing inventory has more than halved in the past two years.

Homesnap Pro+

Few homes on the market means that sellers have the ability to sell quickly, at or above their listing price. Limited housing supply also means that home sellers can be picky about what real estate agent they choose to help list their property.

If the growing number of real estate agents means that consumers feel empowered to pick the best agent in their market, your challenge is simple, but not necessarily easy: Prove to consumers that you are the most knowledgeable, experienced, and well-regarded agent in your area.

In 2022, burnishing your reputation means appearing at the top of Google search results, and appearing at the top of Google search results requires a verified Google business profile with positive, plentiful reviews. 

Want business in a competitive listings environment? Realizing that you need to up your Google game? There’s a solution: Homesnap Pro+.

How Does Pro+ Get You Listings in a Competitive Market?

Consider how somebody looking to sell their home is likely to find an agent in 2022. As with other transactions, searching for a real estate agent is increasingly likely to start online. So, the consumer types a search query such as “real estate agent near me” into Google. What appears?

Real Estate Agents Near Me search

The consumer will be served with a locally-focused listing of real estate agents. Notice that listed agents have positive reviews and complete business information. 

That’s no accident – these agents have been verified by Google as legitimate business providers. They rank above dozens of other agents because of their complete business information and, especially, their reviews from satisfied clients, fellow agents, and other professional and personal connections.

The secret to reaching and impressing home sellers who have a sea of agents to pick from is to appear at the top of Google search results.

That’s what makes Homesnap Pro+ so valuable. We automatically verify your Google business profile, ensure that it contains comprehensive business information, and make it easy for you to collect the reviews that signal to consumers and Google that you’re a trustworthy real estate expert.

In particular, the One-Click Review Tool allows you to ask all of your Homesnap contacts and other connections to leave reviews with the click of one button. 

One click review homesnap pro+

Then, Pro+ will automate up to three follow-up emails to ensure you get the positive reviews that power a high Google local search ranking.

We know this tool leads to results. Agents who use Pro+’s One-Click Review Tool receive 3X more reviews from satisfied clients and have an average Google review rating of 4.95. Agents who don’t use the One-Click Review Tool? They have an average Google rating of only 1.5.

Simply put, consumers aren’t going to find agents without numerous reviews when they search on Google. And if a consumer does find a profile with limited reviews that are mostly negative, why would he or she select that agent? There are other, more reputable options – especially when every listing is at a premium.

Get Homesnap Pro+, obtain the reviews you need to win Google local search, and compete in a challenging, competitive real estate environment.