Episode One: Meet Janet the Agent

In this episode, Janet meets inspector Charlie. During the Inspection, Janet opens her Homesnap app to search for properties for her clients. After the Inspection, Janet places a “for sale” sign on her listing and snaps a photo of a nearby house to get all the property’s MLS data, in a snap!


Episode Two: Searching the Agent Directory

Janet scrolls through the listing in the Homesnap app and finds the listing agent’s, (David Smith), contact information. Janet favorites the agent as she will be contacting him later.


Episode Three: Sharing Your Listing Cart with your Clients

Through the messaging tool in Homesnap, Janet shares the property with her clients, The Bradys. The Bradys respond immediately stating that they love the house. Janet notices in the messages that there is an upcoming open house and she excitedly informs the Bradys.


Episode Four: Scheduling a Showing with Homesnap

Using Homesnap, Janet schedules a showing with ShowingTime for The Bradys.


Episode Five: Staying Safe When Meeting an Internet Lead

Janet receives a call from Mike, an Internet lead from her Google Ad ran through Homesnap Pro Ads. Mike is looking to purchase soon and has already been pre-approved. Janet schedules a showing for Mike that same day. Janet arrives at the house and prepares for the showing. As Mike drives up to the property, Janet sets the safety timer in the Homesnap app.


Episode Six: Walking Property Lines with Homesnap

Janets heads to her showing with The Bradys. The Bradys love the house but would like to build a fence for their dogs. Janet and The Bradys use their Homesnap app to walk the property lines together.


Episode Seven: Creating a Personalized CMA in Minutes

As Janet is leaving the showing she meets Sam and Susie, who are thinking of selling their house. Sam and Susie ask Janet for her expert opinion on the value of their home. Janet uses Homesnap to generate a rapid CMA with comparables for their house in one minute and reviews this on the spot with Sam and Susie.


Episode Eight: Seeing Your Connections to Other Agents

The Bradys decide to make an offer on the house. Janet takes a look at the Listing Agent’s transaction history and analyzes David’s listing sides to get insights. Janet sees in the app that a colleague in her office has recently closed a deal with David.


Episode Nine: Viewing Your Client’s Favorite Properties

While waiting for a response from the offer, Janet scans her News Feed and sees that The Bradys favorite a new listing in their News Feed. Time to investigate the property!