Your License to Generate Leads: Homesnap Pro+

Your License to Generate Leads: Homesnap Pro+

It’s not easy to become a licensed real estate agent. And while it would be great if a real estate license alone signaled that you’re a superstar professional worthy of people’s business, just having a license won’t be enough to fill your sales pipeline each year. You have to fight for each lead, and with more than 1 million licensed real estate agents nationwide and a red-hot real estate market, the competition is fierce.

Homesnap Pro Plus

To encourage home buyers and sellers to trust you over other agents, you need a different kind of license. This license does more than just confirm you’re legally allowed to practice. It differentiates you from your competition and enables you to prospect for new leads confidently and effectively. It’s your license to generate leads: a Homesnap Pro+ membership.

Pro+: Your License to Strengthen Your Online Reputation

When consumers are ready to buy or sell a home, they have plenty of agents to choose from. How will you stand out from the crowd? In the digital world, it’s simple: you need a strong online presence.

Having a strong online reputation garners two interrelated benefits. One benefit is an optimized Google Business Profile. The second is ranking at the top of Google search pages when people look for a real estate agent.

A strong Google Business Profile is essential. Just consider: when buyers and sellers want to learn more about an agent, where are they likely to turn? Google. Maybe a consumer was referred to you by a friend, or maybe they saw your name on a Facebook ad. Their next step is going to be typing your name into Google. What will they find?

Agents who use Homesnap Pro+ will feel secure about that answer. Pro+ optimizes and verifies your Google Business Profile. This detailed information box is prominently displayed on the right-hand side of search results when someone searches for you and other business providers online.

An updated and verified Google Business Profile includes your business information, such as hours of operation, address, and listing photos. Crucially, your business profile also includes Google reviews, signaling to people viewing your profile that you are a competent, legitimate agent who is ready to do business.

Those Google reviews serve another purpose: helping you rank at the top of Google search results.

When consumers are looking for a real estate agent, they frequently type into Google searches such as “real estate agents near me.”

To rank at the top of the page for those searches, you need positive, plentiful Google reviews from friends, family, clients, and fellow agents. Agents who rank at the top of those searches gain exposure, leads, and business. Agents who don’t appear at the top of those searches? They’ve failed to earn Google’s trust and will come up short against their competition.

Pro+ helps you earn these reviews faster with the One-Click Review Tool. The One-Click Review Tool is synced with your Homesnap profile, so that you can send a review request to each of your contacts in a single click. Plus, Pro+’s One-Click Review Tool automatically updates up to three follow-up emails – saving you the time and hassle of remembering who has and hasn’t submitted a review.

Use Homesnap Pro+ to verify your Google Business Profile, populate it with positive reviews, and eventually earn more leads.

Pro+: Your License to Prospect for High-Intent Leads

Homesnap Pro+ is also your license to better prospect for new leads. Pro+ membership gives you access to tools that help you zero -in on the right consumers, including:

  • Likelihood to List: identify off-market properties in your area that are likely to go on the market in the next year. Then, use homeowner contact information to connect with homeowners and win new clients.
  • Who’s Viewed: See the specific agents who have viewed your profile and listing pages. Know what exact properties consumers are interested in before talking to them.

Overall, your lead generation will be more productive with Homesnap Pro+. We’ll save you time by verifying a Google Business Profile that demonstrates your real estate bonafides and ranks at the top of result pages for real estate searches. You’ll also gain access to advanced prospecting tools that save time and increase the likelihood of turning a cold call into a client. 

Have your real estate license? Take the next step. Upgrade to Homesnap Pro+ – your license to generate leads.