Get Homesnap Marketing Tools Now, Pay Later

Get Homesnap Marketing Tools Now, Pay Later

ACCESS, a new service from Homesnap and eCommission, allows you to have immediate access to Homesnap Pro+, Homesnap’s premium suite of digital marketing and real estate productivity tools, and pay at closing. 


Given the uncertainty of the moment, we understand it may be difficult to invest in real estate marketing and productivity tools. Yet, there’s never been a more opportune time to do so. Buyer activities have risen to early busy season levels, consumers are more active and engaged than ever on social media platforms, and many industry and consumer-facing publications are urging prospective buyers and sellers to seek out digitally savvy agents who can help them navigate a post-quarantine real estate market. ACCESS allows agents to prioritize their marketing today, but pay for it later.  

With ACCESS, agents can maintain their digital presence during the current crisis without the need for any risk or upfront investment. ACCESS is not a loan. The service simply puts your listing’s commission to work for you today to help you market it and get it sold faster.

ACCESS is both flexible—you can access up to $500 of your commission on any property with at least 90 days remaining on its listing term—and inexpensive; there’s no fees for 90 days and you pay absolutely nothing upfront. 

How does ACCESS work?

ACCESS is available to agents for free for a limited time. As mentioned,  there are no upfront fees, and payment is automatically deducted from your commission check.

You can access the ACCESS service here, where you can select the listing you wish to use to pay at closing, as well as the desired monetary value ($100, $200, $300, $400, or $500). Once the process is complete, Homesnap will apply payment credit to your Homesnap Pro+ purchase.

You are eligible for ACCESS if you’re an agent with an active listing, have less than $3000 actively accessed via eCommission, and have provided a valid credit card to Homesnap.

What’s included with Homesnap Pro+?

Homesnap Pro+ is designed to help agents improve their productivity, boost their online presence and reputation, and generate more leads.

Homesnap Pro+ is not a singular product, but rather a host of exclusive features and tools that work in tandem to help agents optimize and grow their business. Think of it like the Amazon Prime of real estate—one annual membership grants access to a variety of best-in-class benefits.

In putting the full suite of Homesnap Pro+ to work, you can: 

  • Build your online presence and reputation on Google with Homesnap’s Google business profile services, so when customers search for the best agents in their area, you’re the one they find and trust. 
  • Get instant access to a professionally developed, personally branded Real Estate Website, powered by Homesnap Search, that comes complete with built-in lead generation tools–and features YOUR profile and contact on EVERY listing page. 
  • Dig deeper on the status of off-market properties with additional advanced heatmaps and filters, so you can find leads on properties likely to hit the market way before your competition.
  • Use the Who’s Viewed My Listings & Profile to see exactly which agents have viewed your profile and listings. 
  •  Get custom, optimized lead-gen tools for ALL your listings, making it a breeze for interested buyers to get in touch and start a conversation.  
  • Build trust with consumers with an enhanced agent profile on Homesnap that comes complete with your Google reviews, content posts, business details, and a blue checkmark to highlight that you’re a verified agent.  

Take advantage of this limited time offer.  Contact us at, and we’ll be happy to help you get started.