Introducing ‘Coming Soon’ Ads for Listings

Introducing ‘Coming Soon’ Ads for Listings

Agents can now use Homesnap Pro Ads to put advertising dollars behind listings in “coming soon” status in their MLS*.

Homesnap Pro Ads for Coming Soon Listings are available on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Waze. 

Why does this matter?

As the real estate market has slowed in the wake of COVID-19 and social distancing has made open houses and in-person visits difficult, many would-be buyers and sellers have postponed—but not canceled—their plans to enter the market.

Coming Soon Ads are an effective way to give your soon-to-hit-the-market listings broader exposure and generate increased interest among these on-hold buyers. When the market eases back to normalcy, and you’re ready to make your listing active, you’ll have a waiting list of interested parties already eager to transact.

Additionally, Coming Soon Ads are a useful tool in gauging current market demand. Many sellers, worried about a lack of interest, maybe hesitant to market their homes. Agents can use Coming Soon Ads’ campaign results to gain deeper insights into market activity levels to advise clients on when is the right time to list and for what price.

The perfect time to advertise

Because of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, consumers are using social networks, particularly Facebook and Instagram, to stay connected. However, many businesses, instinctually pulling back spending, are not marketing to them. This combination of skyrocketing traffic and a dramatic drop in advertising spend has resulted in advertising costs on Facebook and Instagram falling considerably. 

We published a whitepaper on the subject, but the main takeaway is:  Agents who are able to invest one these networks can expect a higher ROI and many more leads, to the tune of up to 40% more clicks for every dollar.

With Coming Soon Ads, you can market your “coming soon” listing to these large social audiences at a price far less expensive than ever before. Or, in other words, you’ll generate increased demand—at a fraction of the price.

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*Coming Soon ads are available in select MLS markets