Inside Homesnap: The Making of Ads on Google

Inside Homesnap: The Making of Ads on Google

When we decided to create Homesnap Pro Ads on Google, we put our team’s best minds to work on developing optimal ad campaigns for each channel (search, display and Gmail). The making of Homesnap Pro Ads on Google took months of research and development. Today we want to introduce you to some of the people who worked diligently to build this incredible new digital marketing tool for agents.

Meet Ted.


Ted, our director of acquisition marketing, has helped lead the Homesnap Pro Ads on Google strategy, development and execution since the beginning. His job is to give agents the best possible leads at the lowest cost. That includes continually testing, analyzing and optimizing ad groups, keywords, ad creative and landing pages to improve campaign performance. It’s a constant R&D cycle — one that he’s been focusing on for months..

Fun fact: In working on Homesnap Pro Ads for Google, Ted was surprised to learn that not many agents run their own Google ad campaigns. “AdWords is an incredibly complex platform, and we found that very few agents are able to master it themselves,” he said. “That’s where Homesnap can help. We eliminate the steep learning curve and give agents the ability to run their own expert Google campaigns in minutes.”

Meet Sean.


As a web developer with a technical background in mechanical engineering, Sean cares about details. He has been working closely with Ted to build and optimize the most effective landing pages for each ad unit across the Google network. Every week, they test new landing page concepts, analyze the results and make changes that increase leads.

Fun fact: Looking back on months of work, Sean didn’t realize just how many iterations it would take to optimize landing pages that drive maximum conversions. He said: “Just because you have an online presence and your contact information is on a website doesn’t necessarily mean that will create leads. It took months of testing and tinkering to create landing pages that really connect with potential home buyers and have a good conversion rate, which means more bang for your buck. I really hope agents take advantage of the work we’ve put into optimizing conversions for them.”

Sample lead page.

These are only two among dozens of Homesnappers who have been infusing their expertise into every aspect of our newest ad offering. When we create new tools for agents, we put in the hard work that you’d expect from an industry leader. Our work won’t stop either. As long as we’re running ads, our team will continue to review the data, make adjustments and incorporate new features that boost performance. As Homesnap grows, we’re only working harder for our agents.

Put our expertise to work for you by trying Homesnap Pro Ads on Google today.