#1 Tactic for Improving Your Real Estate SEO Ranking

#1 Tactic for Improving Your Real Estate SEO Ranking

When you think about real estate SEO, your mind probably first goes to your website.

But you should be thinking about how people will find your website in the first place: Google.

If you don’t show up in a prospect’s Google search, they’re never going to make it to your website. So, how do you get to the top?

Improved real estate SEO starts with a robust Google business profile, which is your #1 best bet for getting a higher Google ranking.

Google gives priority to the business profiles it trusts, yet less than 10% of real estate agents have a verified profile that they’re regularly updating to maximize their SEO. Verified, active Google business profiles get prime real estate at the top of relevant search results.

Here’s how you can make sure you’re up there:

  • If you haven’t done it yet, get a Google business profile for your real estate marketing – ASAP!

So many agents still haven’t done this, leaving a small portion of the competition several steps ahead of the game. If you’ve been putting it off, now is your moment.

Homesnap Pro+ will quickly verify your address and get your profile up and running, not to mention keeping it updated with your recent transactions and reviews.

  • Get your address verified.

It could take up to two weeks to verify your profile on your own through the mail. Homesnap Pro+ can help you quickly verify your address, which is the first step toward Google establishing trust and allowing you to build a verified profile.

  • Create new content and posts weekly to improve your SEO. 

Verification is only the first step in this worthwhile investment, because a verified but inactive profile isn’t going to rank high on Google. Google will comb the posts you’re adding to learn more about where you should show up in search results, and it rewards profiles with higher engagement.

These posts expire after seven days (we told you, Google wants to urge businesses to keep adding new content!), so it takes time and dedication to keep the content flowing so your SEO improves.

Homesnap Pro+ makes this time-consuming task much easier, because we’ll automatically post all your listings and deals to your Google business profile. If you don’t have a transaction in a given week, we’ll post industry-related content so your profile is always updated.

  • Ask your clients to leave reviews specifically on your Google business profile.

Consistent, relevant five-star reviews will improve your Google ranking. Google wants to see that real people are vouching for you, which will optimize your search results.

Make it easy for clients by including a link in your follow-up or thank-you emails, or sharing the review link from your Homesnap Pro+ dashboard.

  • Keep your Google business profile filled in and up-to-date.

The first thing a prospect will see when they search for you is your Google business profile, and prospects are seven times more likely to click on a complete business profile.

By keeping everything updated and filled out, you’ll drive more traffic to your phone number, listings and website.