How to Stay in Love with the Agent Life

How to Stay in Love with the Agent Life

Life as a real estate agent is full of ups and downs, busy seasons and slower spells. That roller-coaster can be part of what keeps the agent life feeling dynamic and rewarding – but it can also make agents feel overwhelmed and even burnt out.

It might feel like the best agents are go-go-go 24/7, but the truth is that for you to do the job well, you need to take care of yourself. Here are some ways to keep yourself connected to the things that drew you toward a career in real estate in the first place.

1. Pick a marketing approach that feels authentic.

As you design or expand your real estate marketing plan, start with the pieces that feel true to who you are. For example, market on the platforms that you enjoy.

Are you on Instagram? Run ads there. Love the farmer’s market? Set up a booth. Always at the gym? Place a flyer with your contact info.

If you’re enjoying the process and coming into contact with prospects you connect with, marketing won’t feel as stressful – and time management will be easier.

2. Automate chores and tasks to get them off your plate.

So, you know those time-consuming tasks and errands you have to do every week? What if you didn’t have to do them?

When it comes to work-related tasks, Homesnap Pro Ads and Homesnap Pro+ can help you automate your digital marketing on the biggest online networks. We can build and manage digital advertisements for your listings, and keep your Google business profile updated. It’s completely worth outsourcing this, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Consider automating non-work tasks, too. Try an automated grocery service, which will deliver your groceries or just do the shopping part for you — so you only have swing by the store to grab the bags.

Consider investing in a home-cleaning or laundry service to help with household chores. Spending money on these things is an investment in your self-care, and you’ll find you have more energy for your work, too.

3. Refresh your brand.

It can be fun and productive to revamp your own image! This could be as simple as getting a professional photo taken or writing a new slogan that you can include across your marketing assets.

Or, you might invest some time in new content! Develop a video series, create a new website, or start a blog. Pick something that you find exciting, and you’re more likely to stick with it and less likely to feel it’s a burden.

4. Streamline your client communications through Homesnap.

Working more efficiently means accomplishing more in a set amount of time. By getting all your clients to use Homesnap, you can contain the conversations in one place.

You can send “Rapid CMAs” to clients in seconds. Homesnap’s ShowingTime integration makes it easy to schedule showings. Chat with clients in Homesnap messenger. Smoothing out these processes will improve your time management and help you feel less overwhelmed.

5. Develop a personable rapport with clients.

Of course, you want to be professional, but allow some friendliness to develop in your relationships with clients.

Meet them for coffee to launch their house-hunting process. Ask them questions about themselves so you can follow up about their kids’ sporting events or the vacation they’re planning.

Those personal connections will make client meetings feel less like “work” — and that personal touch could increase the number of clients who want to refer you to their friends, too.