How to Get 5 Reviews in 5 Days

How to Get 5 Reviews in 5 Days

Imagine being in a new town and looking for somewhere to eat. Years ago, you may have started your search by stopping at your hotel’s front desk for a recommendation, or asking someone familiar with the area about their favorite restaurant.

But times have changed. Now, you simply Google “restaurants near me” to find the best place for dinner.

Things are no different in real estate. Whereas people once found real estate agents through phone books and yard signs, now 90% of people start their home search online. And one of the first things they’ll do to find an agent is type “real estate agents near me” into Google.

For agents, then, being the first thing that buyers and sellers see when they look for a real estate agent on Google provides a huge advantage compared to competitors who are further down in the rankings (or not on Google at all).

How do you make sure that you are the first agent that people see on Google? Simple: Set up a Google business profile and start collecting Google reviews.

A Google business profile appears at the top of Google search and Google maps, complete with your Google reviews and review rating. It gives you a competitive edge, so long as you’re frequently getting positive Google reviews.

The data proves this out: Agents who set up a Google business profile and collect five or more reviews appear in nine times more searches and net 17 times more calls and texts from leads.

Agents without reviews? They’ll languish deep in Google search results where buyers and sellers can’t find them.

So, how can real estate agents easily earn Google reviews? We recommend that agents:

  1. Request five reviews each week.
  2. Use the Homesnap Pro+ One-Click Review Tool.
  3. Ask as many people as possible for a review.

By following these tips, agents can build a stronger reputation on Google and keep themselves front and center on the world’s biggest search engine.

1. Request 5 Reviews Every Week

It’s the life of an agent: Not everybody agrees to tour the home or buy the property. Soliciting reviews works the same way, and our data show that agents receive one review for every three or four that they request.

For agents, the best strategy is to incorporate a review request into their daily to-do list. You can request one review each day by:

  • Incorporating a review request into your closing process. If your client had a good experience, invite them to share it in a Google review to help you get more business.
  • Requesting a review after providing a client, friend, or fellow agent real estate advice.
  • Adding a link to your Google review page to your email signature.

By asking for one review every day, you can consistently cultivate the positive reviews that will rocket you up Google’s search results.

2. Use the Homesnap Pro+ One-Click Review Tool

Since receiving reviews is essential to being visible on Google, agents should use the tool that earns 3X more positive reviews: Homesnap’s Pro+ One-Click Review Tool.

With the One-Click Review Tool, agents no longer need to request reviews through individualized emails, awkward conversations, and time-consuming phone calls. Instead, agents can invite clients, colleagues, and personal connections to leave reviews on Google with just one click.

As a fully-integrated component of Homesnap Pro+, the One-Click Review Tool also pulls all your Homesnap contacts, which allows for easy, one-click review requests.

The One-Click Review Tool isn’t just convenient, it’s essential. The benefits of a positive review diminish over time, so consistently earning new reviews is necessary to maintain a prominent Google search result.

3. Ask as Many People as Possible for a Review

When asking for professional recommendations, it’s normal to go first to satisfied clients and fellow agents.

But you shouldn’t stop there.

Ask for reviews from as many people as possible. Neighbors, friends, family members — all of these people can testify to your character, work ethic, and attitude. Google wants to know you’re trustworthy and gives reviews from your clients the same weight as reviews from anyone else. Generate reviews from anyone and everyone you trust to leave a positive review.

More questions about how to earn 5 reviews in 5 days? Use our lead generation tip sheet.

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