How Facebook Ad Updates Affect Homesnap Pro Agents

How Facebook Ad Updates Affect Homesnap Pro Agents

Earlier this week, Facebook announced it’s making changes to its ad policies to reduce the possibility that advertisers can discriminate when it comes to housing ads.

These changes to do not affect Facebook listing ads that agents run through Homesnap Pro Ads, because our ads are already fully compliant with these updates.

We have never targeted listing ads using age, gender, ZIP code, or the other potentially discriminatory factors that Facebook is now restricting, and we will not in the future.

We’ve always played by the rules — across all the networks where we power agents’ digital marketing: Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Waze — so agents can rest assured that they are not at any risk when they run Homesnap Pro Ads.

We applaud Facebook for making updates to ensure bad actors cannot use its platform to unfairly target select audiences.

Here are a few questions we wanted to answer on this topic:

Why is Facebook changing, and what are they changing?

Facebook is making changes to how advertisers place housing ads to reduce the possibility of discriminatory marketing on its platform.

That means housing ads cannot target audiences by age, gender or ZIP code, and they also must reach people within a minimum of 15 miles around a specific address. Similarly, users can’t create lookalike audiences based on gender, age, religious views, ZIP code, or similar categories that could be used to discriminate.

Will my Facebook listing ads through Homesnap Pro Ads still be effective?

Yes! As we mentioned, we were already compliant with these new policy updates so nothing will change for our Homesnap Pro agents. Your listing ads will be just as effective, and will in fact benefit from the removal of rule-breakers in the advertising space.

When do these changes go into effect?

Homesnap’s Facebook listing ads are already compliant with the new policy updates. Facebook hasn’t publicly released details on its plans for enforcing these new restrictions universally yet.

Does this affect ads on Instagram as well?

Yes, these changes also affect Instagram ads.