Learn Who’s Viewing Your Listings and Do More Business

Learn Who’s Viewing Your Listings and Do More Business

Curious which of your listings is the most popular with consumers and agents? Most of the time, it’s a gut check – there’s no way to know for sure. But with Homesnap Pro’s Who’s Viewed, you have access to a data-driven determination of how many consumers and fellow agents have viewed your property listings and profile in the past 90 days. You can even see weekly fluctuations so you know how well your marketing is driving people to your pages, allowing you to continuously adjust your listing strategy.

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But it’s just the start. Upgrading to Homesnap Pro+ gives you access to even more valuable Who’s Viewed information. It’s the kind of information boost that helps you win new business. Here’s what you need to know about Who’s Viewed and how Pro+ makes the feature a new business generator.

With Pro+, Know the Specific Agents Viewing Your Listings and Profile

As a Homesnap Pro agent, you automatically get to see how many weekly listing and profile visits you get. These engagement statistics are valuable and can be used to inform your marketing tactics and provide feedback to your sellers. But the details you get from Pro+ help you be even more strategic in your efforts to win more business.

If you upgrade to Homesnap Pro+, you’ll be able to see exactly which real estate agents have viewed your property listings and your Homesnap Agent Profile.

Think of the possibilities. If you see an agent viewing one of your listings, you can immediately click on their profile and learn what types of clients they represent and the business they’ve recently conducted. See an agent viewing your profile? Maybe they’re just checking out the competition, but it’s possible they’re a buyer’s agent who wants to see what a top agent like you has on the market. Either way, you know precisely who they are.

All this information is a huge advantage that can help you sell properties at the highest possible price and win more business in the future.

Use Who’s Viewed Knowledge to Win More Business

Knowing who’s looking at your listings and profile does more than satisfy your curiosity. It gives you the information you need to be proactive and get your listings off the market faster, and ultimately earn new clients:

Who's Viewed My Profile and Listings Homesnap
  • Who’s Viewed Step 1: Identify the agents who viewed your listings, your profile, or both. Sort these agents by productivity, from highest to lowest. Then zero in on the most productive agents. They’re more likely to have ready-to-transact buyers.
  • Who’s Viewed Step 2: Message these top agents and ask about their buyers’ preferences. Then, share the most promising properties you represent, and even start to schedule home showings and tours.

Remember, these agents have already shown interest by viewing your listings and profile. And Homesnap Messages makes getting in touch with them a breeze.

You’ll reach these agents’ buyers more easily and get your listings off the market faster and at a competitive price. That’s especially important now, at a time when there are more than 1 million active listings on the market nationwide.

Getting properties off the market fast and at a high price will give you more satisfied clients, new connections with buyer’s agents, strong referrals, and better Google reviews — all of which leads to more business. Upgrade to Pro+ today, use Who’s Viewed, and you’ll be prepared to serve your clients, burnish your reputation, and win new business.