Create immersive and engaging video content for your listings with Homesnap Stories! It’s fun, easy, and brings your listings to life!

The question is not whether you should be posting stories on social media, because every agent should be! Are you making stories worth watching?

We are going to show you how!

Every story worth watching should

  • Include Multiple Stories. Create and post at least 5 stories for each listing. Every home has a story to tell, make sure you tell the full story by highlighting different rooms, the neighborhood, or even the current owner!  
  • Immerse the Viewer.  Use video whenever possible – it’s the most powerful marketing content. A prospective buyer can immerse themselves into the home before even stepping foot in it. 
  • Showcase your expertise. As the listing agent, you know the ins-and-outs of the property and the neighborhood. Show off the property’s hidden treasures that simply get lost in the MLS Photos or Listing Description. 

Picture Stories

Video Stories

Learn how to create the best stories by watching our short tutorials below!

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Who can create Homesnap Stories?

Right now, only listing agents, but we’re working on making Homesnap Stories available for all Homesnap Pro agents!

How long does a story stay on Homesnap?

Your stories stay live, until the listing goes off the market. Once it’s off the market, your story is deleted and no longer viewable.

Who can view my stories?

Consumers, clients, and other agents can view your stories. If you are connected to the agent or client in Homesnap, you will see their contact information when looking at viewership reporting.

How do I share my stories?

After you post your story in Homesnap, you can share your story on social media right from the Homesnap app!