Homesnap Recognizes Standout Agents with Top Agent Awards

Homesnap Recognizes Standout Agents with Top Agent Awards

Homesnap Pro was built specifically for real estate agents, and every update and new release is made with the agent in mind, first and foremost. We believe that real estate agents are crucial to the industry, so we wanted to recognize those agents that showed standout performance in the first half of 2022 with something special.

That’s why we award Homesnap’s Top Agent Awards, digital awards that highlight real estate agents nationwide who have been top producers, shown remarkable growth in their business, and seen incredible popularity among prospects and fellow agents.

Top Agent Award recipients receive customized digital awards that are easy to share on social media, as well as a customized email signature so prospects and clients can see your achievement and know you are a leading real estate expert in your market.

To qualify for a Homesnap Top Agent Award, you must be a registered Homesnap Pro user with an active account. Additionally, we review a number of data points — including transaction history, year-over-year growth in productivity, profile views, and more — to determine whether an agent qualifies for one of our Top Agent Awards:

  • Top 5% Award
  • Top 15% Award
  • Top 25% Award
  • Fastest-Growing Agent Award
  • Most Viewed Award

Want to qualify for next year’s Top Agent Awards? First, make sure you’re a registered, active agent with Homesnap Pro! Secondly, keep an eye out for more information on how you can earn a Top Agent Award next year.

Already received a Top Agent Award, or just wondering how you can raise your profile more in 2022? It’s time to become a Homesnap Pro+ member, which will help you fully strengthen your online reputation, earn more leads, and win more business.

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