Free tools for brokerages to integrate their brand, communication, and technology into Homesnap.

Homesnap Pro Brand

Homesnap Pro Brand allows a brokerage to have a unique brand footprint across the entire Homesnap ecosystem.  Brokerages’ logos and brand colors are used in a variety of places and shown to both agents and clients alike.

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Homesnap Pro Brand Includes:

  • Extra Large App Splash
  • Prominent Web Navigation Bar
  • Delightful Pull-to-Refresh Animation
  • Prominent Listing Lead Form
  • Public and Agent Profile
  • Beautiful CMA Reports
  • All Client and Agent Emails

Homesnap Pro Billboards

With Homesnap Pro Billboards, a brokerage can customize the scrolling carousel atop the Agent-Only Features. The scrolling carousel is the perfect spot to deliver important information or company-wide messages.

Homesnap Pro Bookmarks

Homesnap Pro Bookmarks integrates a brokerage’s technology stack into the Agent- Only Features. Ultimately, increasing an agent’s adoption and engagement with the tools their brokerage pays for!

Homesnap Pro Bookmarks Include:

  • Single Sign-On Connection
  • Third-Party Technology Vendors
  • Preferred Mortgage Lenders, Title, or Insurance

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