Why Homesnap Pro Is a Great “Tool of the Trade” for Agents

Why Homesnap Pro Is a Great “Tool of the Trade” for Agents

This blog post was written by Homesnap MLS Account Manager Jordan Weiers, who attended this Realcomp event in Michigan in May 2019.

When our Director of Agent Engagement, Nikki Gustafson, and I arrived at Realcomp’s “Tools of the Trade” Expo in Michigan, we were energized to see so many interested agents swing by our booth.

In fact, so many agents were interested in learning about Homesnap Pro that Nikki and I talked pretty much nonstop for five straight hours! Meeting so many agents and teaching them about Homesnap Pro wasn’t tiring, though. It was invigorating.

It reminded me why I love working for Homesnap. Our focus has always been on making life easier and more productive for real estate agents, which is unlike any other real estate tech out there.

I talked to a lot of agents about why they think Homesnap Pro is a great “tool of the trade,” and here are some of the most common themes:

1) Agents love Homesnap Pro’s client collaboration interface.

Homesnap makes agent-client communication easy and enriches relationships.

Agents can invite clients to join them on Homesnap and they’ll enjoy 1:1 branding when their clients accept. That makes them the only agent their clients will see in Homesnap.

Terryl D. Lewis and fellow agent Nekia Morris-Cutright like that Homesnap gives them a place to interact with their clients.

Homesnap also sends clients a weekly market report with their agent’s photo and branding on it. And, of course, it’s easy to share properties with clients in the app.

Homesnap’s client collaboration features wowed Realcomp agent Terryl D. Lewis – specifically the 1:1 branding. Lewis said that the fact that her clients “will see me on everything in the app, and then reach out to me, is what struck me.”

2) Homesnap’s business model puts agents first.

Homesnap doesn’t sell agents’ leads to the highest bidder, ever. Homesnap follows Fair Display Guidelines, so if consumers find your listing on Homesnap, they’ll see your name next to it.

Realcomp agent Richard Marentette is glad Homesnap is helping agents gain back the ground the industry has lost to technologies harming agents.

If they’re interested in the property, they can reach out directly to you through Homesnap and you’ll get the lead. The only time this doesn’t happen is if a consumer is already working with another agent (see previous point).

It’s simple: Our business model puts agents first and helps them take back ground lost to industry disruptors.

This struck a chord with Realcomp agent Richard Marentette.

Homesnap is helping us combat some of the technologies out there that are working against agents.”

Realcomp Agent Richard Marentette

3) Our integrated digital marketing platform is convenient and easy to use.

Realcomp agents get access to the Homesnap Pro app’s many productivity tools as a free benefit.

Agents can also choose to upgrade to Homesnap Pro+ or purchase Homesnap Pro Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Waze for effective, efficient digital marketing that will help them promote their brand. And many of the folks we talked to had already done that and really enjoyed the results.

Leslie Mihalak loves that Homesnap Pro Ads make digital marketing pretty much effortless for her. She likes that she gets ad proofs automatically and can select which listings, deals and open houses she wants to run a campaign for.

I love that [Homesnap Pro Ads] are plug and play. I don’t have to think about anything. Everything is simple and targeted.”

Realcomp Agent Leslie Mihalak

Cynthia Payton-Hines purchased a Homesnap Pro+ subscription too, and loves the exposure it gives her on the first page of Google search results. It “broadens her horizons,” as she put it. It also helps her showcase positive reviews from her clients through a Google Business Profile and directly on her Homesnap profile.

It’s one thing for my clients to say, ‘Oh, Cynthia, we love you, we’ve adopted you into our family.’ I like Homesnap Pro+ because it will allow me to translate those awesome client reviews into visibility.”

Realcomp Agent Cynthia Payton-Hines

A strong partnership helps our “tool of the trade” reach further, too.

While it was awesome meeting all the agents at the Realcomp expo, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how positive Homesnap’s relationship is with Realcomp itself (I am an MLS Account Manager, after all!).

Nikki and I with fearless Realcomp CEO Karen Kage.

As we were setting up early in the morning, Realcomp CEO Karen Kage stopped by our booth with a big grin, warm handshake, and told us, “We’re SO glad to have you here. Everyone loves Homesnap!”

As the day progressed, Realcomp’s amazing staff members stopped by our booth, including Product and Training Manager Tami Cummings. Sheryl Whayne also stopped by to say, “I tell everyone that calls in to Realcomp they NEED to download the Homesnap app.”

We were thrilled to hear that Homesnap Pro is a favorite of Realcomp and its agents. We loved the opportunity to speak directly with agents about our app and company, and we can’t wait till next time!

Want Homesnap to come to your next event? Reach out to your MLS Account Manager for more info.