Homesnap Concierge: Where Your Brand Comes First

Homesnap Concierge: Where Your Brand Comes First

Have you advertised on a real estate marketplace website like Zillow or only to feel like those companies are primarily interested in promoting their brand, not yours? 

Take Zillow, for example. It’s become a bit of a necessary evil in many agents’ marketing plans, but when you invest on it, you’re listed as a “Zillow Premier Agent.” Heavy emphasis on Zillow. Just take a look at these logos:

Why are they doing this? Because, eventually, Zillow is aiming to take a bigger piece of the commission pie or replace the agent model entirely. It may seem like a natural move for businesses, but at its core, it’s anti-agent.

Don’t believe us? Look at this late-2019 quote from Zillow CEO Rich Barton:

“We dream one day of you almost having a trade-in experience with your house. Where you’re standing in a Zillow Offers house that we own, you’ve been there 15 times, you’ve let yourself in with the Zillow app, we know who you are and where you live, we have a mortgage ready to go, we have an offer for your house when you’re ready to transact and you, with one click, can decide to move.”

Their strategy could cost agents their jobs. But what can you do?

Introducing Homesnap Concierge

Agents deserve a platform that serves their goals — not the goals of the company providing it. At Homesnap, we build for the agent, and our success depends on agents’ success. In other words, we have added incentive to make you as successful as possible. 

To that end, we want to let you know that we’re privy to your frustrations and we’re invested in you. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Homesnap Concierge, an all-in-one advertising platform where agents can invest in themselves, not industry disruptors. Because we follow Fair Display Guidelines, you can rest assured that your online advertisements promote you, not Homesnap. You own your listing page, and you’ll get the leads you deserve, which, simply put, have become less of a guarantee on other sites.

How does Concierge work? 

Concierge is your all-in-one marketing powerhouse. We’ll set up and run your advertising campaigns on networks like Facebook, Instagram and Google. Our team of expert marketers has tried and tested all of the possible ad types and combinations, and we know what works and what doesn’t. 

With Concierge, your brand will be at the center of every ad, whether it’s a carousel of listings or a branded buyer’s or seller’s guide. You also get access to world-class reporting tools so you can track your progress, be it in your Newsfeed or the Leads Center, where you can track all of your leads in one place. 

Bottom line

As real estate tech gets more and more popular, fewer and fewer tech companies are making technology for agents. We do. Agents are our top priority, and we build all of our products with you in mind. We’re offering high-quality leads that are better, cheaper and less frustrating to obtain than on any other site, and we mean it when we say that agents are the lifeblood of this industry.

An investment in Concierge is an investment in yourself. Get the service you deserve. 

Give Concierge a try.

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