Welcome to Homesnap Concierge, the best advertising solution out there for agents looking for a fully managed, cost-effective way to capture high-intent leads.

Our dedicated Concierge marketing team will soon be hard at work optimizing and running your advertising campaigns. At any given moment, based on where the best leads are, you could have campaigns running on networks like Facebook, Google, and Instagram, and it won’t be long before they’re sending qualified, hot leads your way.

In the meantime, this Quick Start Guide will provide you with helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your new membership.

If you haven’t already, fill out the survey we sent to your inbox

You should already have a survey in your inbox. Filling it out will help us personalize your campaign—e.g., what cities and neighborhoods you’d like to target, any awards you’d like to highlight, etc.

Familiarize yourself with your Lead Center dashboard

Your full Lead Center dashboard will be fully operational within the first 24 hours of signing up for Concierge. There, you’ll have access to key performance metrics, like how many leads your campaign has generated, how many are being processed by our experts, and which are ready to start a conversation with you.

Make sure you check back often. Your Leads Center gives you 24/7, on-demand insight into the performance of your campaigns and the status of your leads.

Understand your leads’ status

Homesnap’s lead qualification team assigns each lead a designation based on their likelihood to convert.  They are:

HOT:  Hot Leads are in the market to buy or sell. We have confirmed these leads are not interested in renting and are not already working with another agent. We advise you to contact these leads ASAP.

PROCESSING:  These leads are currently being pre-qualified by the Homesnap lead qualification team via emails, phone calls, and texts.  Once these leads are vetted, their status is updated accordingly.

NEW:  New leads that require your attention. These leads were generated using other Homesnap products (Homesnap Pro Ads, Subscribe & Save) and are not pre-qualified.  We advise you to contact at your earliest convenience.

LONG-TERM PROSPECT:  Long-term prospects are not currently ready to engage. We will continue to nurture these leads on your behalf, but we recommend you add them to your CRM as well.

INTERESTED IN RENTING:  Rental leads are interested in renting or rent to own. Rental leads can become good candidates for nurturing and may become buyers in the future. Contact at your own discretion.

ALREADY HAS AN AGENT:  These leads have indicated they are already working with an agent.

NO FURTHER CONTACT:  These leads have indicated they do not wish to be contacted further.

BAD CONTACT INFO:  These leads were unable to be contacted.

Set inbox alerts for your hot leads

Once we’ve qualified a lead, we’ll send details about them—name, contact information, areas of interest, etc.—directly to your inbox. These leads are hot, which means we advise you to contact them within 24 hours.  So, make sure you don’t miss them—and do remember all lead details will also be sent directly to your phone via SMS and can be seen in your Lead Center dashboard inside the Homesnap app.

Upload your leads to your CRM

Visit the Lead Center and download a CSV file containing information about your leads.  You then can upload this file directly into your CRM of choice.

Take full advantage of your FREE Homesnap Pro+ membership

All Concierge subscriptions come with a free ($599 value) Homesnap Pro+ membership for the duration of your subscription. There’s a lot of great Homesnap Pro+ features available right at your fingertips:

Build your online presence and reputation on the world’s number one search engine, Google, so when customers search for the best agents in their area, you’re the one they find—and trust, with our fully managed and optimized Google business profile service.

Get instant access to a professionally developed, personally branded, and customizable Real Estate Website, powered by Homesnap Search, that comes complete with built-in lead generation tools–and features YOUR profile and contact on EVERY listing page. 

Use Who’s Viewed My Listings & Profile to see exactly which agents have viewed your profile and listings. 

Learn more about your Homesnap Pro+ membership

Check out your newsfeed for a high-level overview of your campaigns

The newsfeed, updated multiple times per week, is the hub of information for Concierge agents.  In it, you’ll find real-time updates on key events and performance—including daily analytics updates, campaign milestones, listing events, lead engagement statistics, and time saved estimates.

Your Concierge Lead Center

Then, dig deeper into key campaign metrics to chart your performance

From your news feed, discover key metrics about your Concierge performance, including number of leads generated daily and all-time, views generated, how leads are being qualified, where they are in process, demographic information, and more.

Don’t forget your access to exclusive, personalized support

With your Homesnap Concierge members, you’re granted exclusive access to personalized support.  We’re here to help with everything from talking you through your campaigns, metrics, and lead reports, to providing support on special requests — like highlighting something specific in your ads. Email us anytime at