Want the Highest-Quality Leads? Get Homesnap Concierge, Featuring Google Discovery Ads

Want the Highest-Quality Leads? Get Homesnap Concierge, Featuring Google Discovery Ads

Repeat clients are wonderful, but individual consumers typically only buy or sell a home a handful of times in the course of a life. To sustain your real estate business, you need new clients, and that means new leads.

But generating leads can be a hassle. For one, more than 90% of real estate searches start online – most frequently on Google – and getting savvy about Google marketing takes time. Add in the expense of online lead generation and the low quality of some online leads, and we understand why agents sometimes feel frustrated by 21st century lead generation.


But there’s a solution: Homesnap Concierge now features Google Discovery ads, which ensure Concierge agents continue to receive more high-quality leads for less cost. Learn about Discovery ads and why Concierge agents say Discovery ads are turbocharging their business.

What Are Discovery Ads?

Here’s what Google says about Discovery ad campaigns:

“Discovery ad campaigns enable advertisers to deliver rich, personalized ad experiences to people who are ready to discover and engage with their brands – all through a single Google Ads campaign.”

On what platforms do these “highly visual, inspiring personalized ad experiences” reach consumers? YouTube, Watch Next, and Google Discover. Our in-house marketing gurus generally run Homesnap Concierge campaigns on YouTube.

Overall, Google says that Discovery campaigns help reach up to 3 billion customers. At Homesnap, we’ve always been committed to helping agents get the most out of Google, the world’s largest online marketing platform, and now we’ve partnered with Google for a best-in-class Discovery ads experience. Our Concierge marketing consultants work with Google on each Concierge agent’s ad campaign, and set bid goals and budgets so that YouTube ads are shown to potential buyers and sellers in an agent’s local market.

Homesnap Discovery Ads: Lead Quality Goes Up

When our Concierge team began to measure the success of Discovery ads, the first question to answer was, “Are the leads agents receive from YouTube high-quality?”

The answer turned out to be a strong, resounding yes. 

Discovery ads have delivered leads that are of a distinctly higher-quality than those generated by other social platforms. In fact, our team estimates that there is a 3X increase in lead quality from Discovery ads.

In some ways, it’s no wonder: When we partner with Google to deliver consumers YouTube ads, for example, they’re served to people who are viewing videos about topics like buying or selling a home. These are consumers looking for information about the real estate market and help navigating it. They’re high-intent consumers who you need to reach.

We know that Concierge agents want high-quality, local leads who are ready to buy or sell a home. That readiness to transact is known as a “qualification rate.” With Discovery ads, we’re able to partner with Google to deliver leads with a high qualification rate, and make sure Concierge agents aren’t wasting time with people who aren’t ready to buy or sell.

Homesnap Discovery Ads: Cost Per Lead Goes Down

Once we knew that Discovery ads leads were high-quality, ready-to-transact buyers and sellers, we had another question: How does the cost of earning leads through Discovery ads compare to other online channels?

The answer: very favorably. In fact, Homesnap Discovery ads offer a 7X decrease in cost per acquisition.

In other words, Discovery ads don’t just get Concierge agents better leads. Homesnap and Google have partnered to get Concierge agents more leads for less money. As the cost per acquisition goes down, our Concierge team is able to use your budget to deliver more leads for the same price.

If you join Concierge, our relationship with Google ensures your profile and listings are reaching the most high-intent consumers on the market: people using YouTube. And more of them than ever before are moving from consumers to leads. You’ll be in a strong position to make them clients.

Hear From an Agent

Here’s what a top Homesnap Concierge agent has to say about Google Discovery ads:

“Google discovery ads have been extremely successful for us. In the last two years we’ve converted 8 buyer leads and 6 seller leads from Google Discovery Ads. 2 of those deals were for over $1 million – one for $2.1 million and the other for $1.2 million. I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years and prior to being in real estate I worked in marketing. I’m happy to be partnered with Homesnap and Google.”

– Chris Luther, The Chris Luther Team eXP Realty, Wilmington, NC

Want to partner with Google, reach more buyers and sellers, and win more business? Upgrade to Homesnap Concierge for a fully-managed digital advertising solution, including Google Discovery ads that target the most high-intent buyers and sellers for less cost.