The Real Estate Market Has Been Hot. Why Does Google Think It Will Be Even More Competitive in 2022?

The Real Estate Market Has Been Hot. Why Does Google Think It Will Be Even More Competitive in 2022?

In 2022, we’re still living through “The Great Resignation,” in which record numbers of people are leaving their jobs.

Even if fewer people leave their jobs this year than last, experts believe that a significant number of skilled, motivated professionals will be seeking new careers. Google knows this, and found a result that agents should be aware of: the most popular “how to become” search on Google is “how to become a real estate agent.”

Google searches are a solid indicator of what people are thinking about. For context, one of the most popular Google searches in 2021 was for “COVID vaccine” – a topic which preoccupied people around the country and world.

Now, in 2022, when the large number of people seeking a new career search on Google, they’re most likely to look for information about how to become a real estate agent. This means that agents in a red-hot market should prepare for more competition for listings, and ensure they have the tools to be a local real estate leader.

More Real Estate Agents and Low Inventory Mean Fierce Competition

The formula for real estate success is simple: Own as many listings as possible.

But right now, having listings to your name isn’t easy or guaranteed. Record low home inventory combined with more real estate agents than ever before means that the competition for every listing is ferocious.

The number of homes being listed may not rise substantially in 2022. New home construction is still curtailed by the cost of materials such as lumber, and the supply of available homes continues to fall far short of demand.

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some elements of the real estate market that agents have to accept as an ongoing reality. There are more real estate agents than ever before, and fewer home listings to meet buyer demand. More people are trying to become agents, so competing for listings is going to be difficult for the foreseeable future.

Win Listings, Even With More Agents and a Hot Market

Clearly, owning listings in 2022 won’t be easy. You face a low inventory of homes and a rising number of agents who want them.

But if you become a Homesnap Pro+ member, you’ll have tools and resources that help you become a go-to agent.

With Pro+, you’ll have a verified Google business profile and have access to the One-Click Review Tool, which makes it easier to solicit the reviews necessary to show up at the top of Google local search results and earn leads.

Plus, you’ll get boosted on, receiving an enhanced agent profile on the highly-trafficked search directory, leading to more attention, leads, and local awareness. Pro+ members also have a custom real estate website and the ability to use heatmaps, filters and demographic data to zero in on the best possible seller leads.

By all indications, you’ll be competing against more real estate agents than ever in 2022. Upgrade to Homesnap Pro+ to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to earn leads, win listings, and grow your business.