Get More High-Quality Leads from Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Get More High-Quality Leads from Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Digital lead generation has enveloped the real estate industry. It’s not hard to see why. Social media has been ubiquitous for a while now, with an average combined time per day spent on platforms clocking in at 144 minutes — besting all other leisure activities, including watching TV. Consumers use and trust Google more than any other brand. And millennials, a generation of so-called digital natives, have, as of late last year, been crowned the largest home-buying demographic in the United States.

With so many prospective eyeballs concentrated in so few places, no one could fault agents for assuming online advertising campaigns could bring a steady stream of dedicated buyers and sellers. But unfortunately, it hasn’t panned out that way.

While platforms like Facebook and Google are great for generating a large volume of both ready-to-transact and non-ready-to-transact leads — in fact, they offer more high-quality leads than search platforms like Zillow — those high-quality leads tend to be buried under an avalanche of lesser, not-quite-ready-to-transact leads. 

If you’ve run an online campaign yourself, you’re all too familiar with the problem this presents. Chances are you’ve been forced to sift through campaign results, score and qualify leads, make discovery and follow-up calls, and draft sales emails to determine who is serious and who isn’t. Then, you might have had to work to close the serious buyers and spend weeks or months nurturing the not-quite-ready ones. At best, it’s a labor-intensive process. At worst, it’s a labor-intensive process that hinders your ability to focus on the more pressing aspects of your job.

But what choice do you have? You can’t ignore running online campaigns on popular search and social media sites — the audience is too massive and there are far too many consumers ready to transact. But you can’t spend the majority of your day tinkering with targeted advertisements and chasing down potential dead-ends either.

Introducing Homesnap Concierge

Homesnap Concierge, an all-in-one advertising platform, was designed to solve this problem. Each month, our dedicated and experienced Concierge marketing team will optimize and run your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google and Instagram for you.

We’ll collect hundreds of leads and take care of the hardest part: separating those who are ready to buy or sell from those who need to be nurtured. We’ll send you the qualified leads right away, complete with details about each of them, including their contact information, how they were qualified, and where the lead originated from (both the specific advertisement and the platform). Then we’ll continue to nurture the rest until they are ready to convert. 

You’ll have full transparency into the process, with access to a comprehensive dashboard and detailed reports on where each lead is in the qualification pipeline, so you can track our progress every step of the way.

All you have to do is focus on what you already do best — working with clients and closing deals — and let an effortless and steady stream of dedicated buyers and sellers roll in. Just like how digital lead generation should have worked in the first place. 

Give Concierge a try.