Know More About Your Leads. Then Turn Them Into Clients.

Know More About Your Leads. Then Turn Them Into Clients.

Leads are essential if you want to maintain a healthy sales pipeline and grow your real estate business. But to convert leads into clients, you need to be able to have productive conversations with leads that clearly articulate how your services will help them achieve their real estate goals.

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The best way to prepare yourself for a successful conversation is to know everything possible about your leads. Homesnap Pro+ gives you tools to effectively prospect for business, learn important information about your leads, and ultimately turn them into clients. 

Get more prospects and leads

Prospecting is a great way to identify homeowners who might be ready to sell, but it can be a time-consuming activity. Not so for Pro+ agents.

Instead of blindly prospecting or buying lists, as a Pro+ agent, you have access to Advanced Heatmaps and Filters that provide them insights on every property in your farm area. Want to find out a homeowner’s loan balance, mortgage age, and home equity? Pro+’s prospecting tools allow you to apply all those search criteria — and more — to each property on the map. Then, you can more easily identify homeowners who match characteristics of likely sellers.

With Homesnap Pro+, you fill the top of your funnel with prospects who are ready to talk real estate when you reach out.

Learn about your prospects and leads

Once you’ve identified optimal prospects for the top of your funnel, you can work to move them down the sales pipeline. Start by learning relevant information about these homeowners so you can understand their potential motivation for selling and formulate a strong pitch. Pro+ makes this easier. With Pro+ Additional Homeowner Information, you’ll have access to demographics such as household income, marital status, age, and gender, as well as social media profiles and handles.

Craft a pitch that reflects all the details you’ve learned about your prospects. This way, your first contact with your leads will be productive and effective, and prime your leads to become clients.

Convert leads into clients

Once a prospect has engaged with you and indicated their interest in selling, you can count them as a lead. After that, it’s time to convert them into a client. Pro+ helps you turn leads into clients by giving you the tools to present a data-driven listing presentation that will impress sellers

In addition to using the homeowner and property information you already learned through Pro+, you can strengthen your presentation with pricing recommendations from Pro+’s Sell Speed feature. This tool, powered by up-to-date market data, helps you identify an optimal listing price that takes into account the homeowner’s ideal sale price and desired time-to-close. It’s one more way to impress sellers, since it demonstrates your knowledge of the local market.

Start filling your sales pipeline with viable prospects as a Homesnap Pro+ member. Upgrade to Pro+ today to gain instant access to Advanced Heatmaps and Filters, Additional Homeowner Information, Sell Speed, and a suite of other tools that will help you convert leads and grow your business.