NEW: Get Boosted on with Pro+

NEW: Get Boosted on with Pro+ and Homesnap are now part of the same family at CoStar Group, and it’s time to celebrate our first collaborative feature: Agents who upgrade to Homesnap Pro+ will now receive the added benefit of a boosted profile on

Now, when prospects look for a real estate agent, Pro+ members have an enriched profile in the agent search directory. An enriched profile on the highly-trafficked agent search directory means more eyeballs, leads, and local awareness.

An enriched profile means a profile with Google reviews, review ratings, and agent stories, so prospective clients can see you’re a top agent with a great reputation.

Overall, Pro+ agents who get boosted on will:

  1. Reach a high volume of high-intent consumers
  2. Showcase their reputation
  3. Earn more leads

We’re investing tens of millions of dollars to surge traffic on, so upgrading to Pro+ is an incredible chance to get ahead of your competition.

1. Reach a High Volume of High-Intent Consumers

As an agent, you face the imperative of reaching more consumers in order to get new leads and clients.

Getting boosted at is a perfect way to accomplish those goals.

The statistics make it clear just how valuable users are:

  • 85% of visitors who are planning to sell have not yet selected a listing agent.
  • 73% of buyers on have not yet selected a real estate professional.
  • 56% of buyers on plan to move in the next six months.

All this means that by being boosted on, you have the opportunity to reach buyers and sellers who are actively looking for agents. As a bonus, most of the consumers sifting through agent profiles are looking to move soon — meaning that the leads you acquire will likely be ready-to-transact without too much nurturing on your end.

2. Showcase an Enriched Agent Profile

Appearing on the search directory is valuable in and of itself.

But getting boosted means you have an enriched profile that shows your five-star Google reviews, review rating, Google posts, agent stories, photos, and business hours and information.

With a profile enriched by your Pro+ information, you’re able to showcase your real estate chops to high-intent, high-value buyers and sellers.

By getting boosted on, you’re establishing yourself as a top-tier agent who has effectively done business for prior customers and is ready to take on more.

3. Earn More Leads

When you reach valuable customers and present them with an enriched agent profile, you’re positioning yourself to earn more leads.

As we preach constantly, earning leads is the lifeblood of any agent’s business.

As traffic surges on, agents who use it will reach more and more high-intent leads and will be better and better positioned than their competitors.

Don’t miss out: Upgrade to Pro+, get boosted on, and instantly reach more buyers and sellers.